Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who me?! Oh. Brad.

My friend Micah told me in college that I have entertainment value. Probably not because I'm humorous of myself, but the craziest things happen to me. Just look at the last month or so! Car in my yard, broken garage door, mystery beeping, flooding basement, etc. A dear friend's hubby once said that he likes to read my blog so he can shake his head and say that he can't believe that actually happens to people. That's what I'm here for! Unfortunately, my writing skills are greatly lacking, but that is probably because I've never liked studying English and my hands can't type as fast as my head thinks.

Today I was tickled to receive the Kreativ Blogger award, from a long lost friend, Leann. We got to experience being married to med students way back when. I'm grateful that Facebook brought them back into our lives. I am unsure of the award origins or the reason for the spelling, but I was happy all the same! I got a bloggy award! Wahoo! Then I thought about it some more, and really, Brad got the award. Sigh. I've been blogging for years and my hubby's first post (seen here) gets the award. ;) But, since he's not going to be quitting his day job, my blogging job remains safe. Therefore, I will accept the award on his behalf. Yeah, Brad!

And if I'm going to be accepting bloggy awards on behalf of my husband, rules must be obeyed. This is super hard for me as there are so many blogs that I love. I'm not really sure what the parameters are for passing along this award other than picking 3 people to give it to. So, I'm going to cheat a little and pick 3 that had me laughing my guts out this week.

1) Becky W.

2) Natalie C.

3) Mellissa F.

Congrats, ladies! Thanks for the laughs!

7 chocolate lovers:

Becky and Chris said...

Thank you...(sniff, sniff) for the honor of making you laugh your guts out, it truly has been a pleasure. It truly is a shame that I don't live closer to you and why didn't get get together sooner when I was still out there?!
We're all suffering from lazy Sunday syndrome here which means we've grazed in the kitchen cupboards too much and we can't stop fighting over whose Bakugan is whose? They're all mine!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful blogs and for the M&M craving!

--Leann-- said...

I guess Brad deserves *something* for all the ridicule he is going to receive because of the story. :)

The Fraker's Acres said...

Seriously?! I am so excited! I am going to put on one of the kid's super-active capes and do a couple laps around the house! Thanks so much for enjoying my La-La Land Family and finding humor with/in/at us! I couldn't live without your, I'd still be alive without it, just bored.

Sarah C said...

You earned that award. I love reading your blog!

Raina said...

Yes, I think you keep up with your blog more than anyone I know. And on top of that yours is interesting! I had fun sharing that story with my family today.0)

Natalie said...

On behalf of all the characters in my life who give me utterly hilarious situations about which to blog, I thankfully accept this award and feel so flattered to be counted among Melisa and Becky W. as winners of this Bloggy. You love really love me! Mmmwwaa!

GooberDiva13 said...

Kreativ is the German spelling. :)