Friday, October 26, 2007

ER trip

Okay, perhaps that is a bit too dramatic. We didn't actually go in the ER. We met Brad outside the ER. And he removed yet another 'popcorn weed' from D's nose. Grrr. At 10:30 pm. Grrr. Yeah, hope to post something soon...

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ds birthday is on Saturday, so I made cupcakes for his class tomorrow. But I can't just make cupcakes. No, that would be to easy. Granted, they are regular, boring cupcakes from a box and no decoration other than sprinkles, but also thought I might as well juggle laundry, a furnace repair man, a crying baby, a whiny 5 yr old, and making dinner all at once. Why not? Oh, what a day...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Popcorn weeds

Yes, I know they are seeds and not weeds, but D stuck one up his nose a few months ago, and said he had a weed in his nose. Oh, the drama. I have popcorn on the brain today. Here is a picture from the excitement back in July. Thank goodness that Brad has so many cool medical tools at home. It would have been embarrassing to go to the ER or something for that! Today I got to help out the PTA with their popcorn sales. I wasn't sure how useful I would be having C with me, but she did really good. She got so many ohhs and ahhs and she just ate up the attention. It was lots of fun seeing the boys at school. I got to deliver popcorn to J's class. He was so excited to see us. And I passed D about 5 times in the halls as they were going to gym and potty break. That was lots of fun.

No, she didn't actually eat any, if you are curious

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm taking requests

Okay, so not really, but since Philip asked so eloquently, how could I refuse?

Oh, I know how! I got to bed at 1, but then C kept me up until 2. I finally got to sleep at 2, and she woke me up again at 6:20 (yes, Jill, I should have just stayed up). I finally got her back to sleep at 8, just in time to get J to school and clean the house for my amazing "kidsitter" as D refuses to have a babysitter. Now it is nearly midnight and I'm functioning on a little over 4 hours of sleep.

So, there's your post, Mr. Down-with-the-Yankees! ;)

For the record, I'm a Rockies fan because I actually lived in CO, if but for a short time. NM doesn't have any professional teams, and as such my allegiances aren't very strong.

I'll see if I can manage a real post tomorrow. But I wouldn't hold my breath.