Monday, January 5, 2009

End of the story

Just for you curious ones out there, I have some endings to stories:

The family I had renting the basement moved out last Thursday, in the midst of Stinker's second day of puking. I finally made it down there to clean today, which is good, since my new renter is coming tomorrow!

Roo's teacher talked to the bully and he told her Roo threatened him that Dogzilla (a wonderful book we have that he took to school for 'share a book' day) would eat him. Roo's side is that he said Dogzilla would eat him if he kept teasing him. Today the boy told Roo they were no longer friends (huge shock) but didn't touch him. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this situation. Today I stood out on the porch and tried to be an intimidating presence when the bus arrived.

And in Blogger news, my Google reader has agreed to work again. Alas, I now need to spend time putting blogs back into it. This could take awhile.

So, we are back to our routine, including getting my butt back to the Y. And it feels great, if not slightly painful. :)

3 chocolate lovers:

Trisha said...

I don't look forward to the bully days. Hayes is a very sensitive kid. I just want to protect him forever! :)

Becky and Chris said...

I still haven't found my gym but thanks to the snow I've been getting plenty of exercise via shoveling and now my shoulder hurts (old war wound). Douglas got into a fight, well a raising of voices and a couple of pushes early in the school year and now he and the boys are great friends.

Jill said...

Sounds like things are improving on the bully front. Congrats on getting back to the Y! Woo-Hoo!