Saturday, January 10, 2009

Calling for a brave soul!

Brad is taking his vacation in February and will be here for Valentine's Day. We were hoping to get away and spend the night at a hotel in town. Would anyone being willing to swap babysitting? Since he won't be working, we could go during the week, and you could pick Friday or Saturday or both nights if you didn't want to do an all nighter. We'd probably leave around 5 pm and return about 1 or 2 pm the next day. Or I could watch them a non-Valentine's night. Let me know if you are brave enough to tackle my Mons-ters for a night!

3 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

How wonderful that you can be together for Valentine's Day! I wish that sometime we could meet you guys for a game weekend...we SO need to do that!

Lisa~ said...

We would love to do it and pretend they were our grandkids, but I THINK we live a bit too far away. :-(

Raina said...

I hope you can find someone! I am sure there is someone who wants a night out too! That is awesome, that he will be home. I sent my friend my email so she can email me!