Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have a few stories to share. :o)

Andy Reid, the Eagles head coach, attends church with us here in Philly. Roo is quite star-struck by him. Roo saw him a couple of weeks ago and asked if he could talk to him. I said, "Sure!" Well, Roo goes over, stands in front of him, and all of a sudden can't talk. This kid has been "talking" one way or another since birth. He is one of the most verbose kids I've met. But, put him in front of Andy Reid, and all of a sudden, he can't form a sentence. It was so amusing! Well, Roo saw him again at church today and again asked if he could talk to him. Again, Andy shook his hand and Roo just kinda stood there with his mouth gaping open. And now Roo insists that he won't wash his hand again (or his hair since Andy ruffled his hair). So funny!

Andy's wife, Tammy, is a lady who thinks girls should look like girls and have bows and stuff in their hair. Which is great, but since her birth, I've never been able to keep a bow in Sugar's hair. At first because she had no hair, and later because she just didn't want one. Well, we had an activity at their house, and Tammy taught us how to make bows. I made 2. And to my utter shock, Sugar loves them and actually asks to wear them! I need to take a picture of them in her hair.

And here is my Jamo story. Brad is on call this weekend and has been gone all day. He got home and I gave him a kiss, it was a long one, but a tame one. :o) And Jamo, at 8, started to go, "EWWWW!" So, is 8 when it gets gross to see your parents kiss? LOL!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue-eyed beauty

I found out today what a pair of beautiful blue eyes can do. I took my paperwork to the Parks and Rec department today so we could get cards to attend the pool this summer. There is a long list of things you can bring to prove residency, none of which I had. I had a lease with Brad's name, but I was in MI so my name wasn't on it. I had report cards with the boys' names. And a birth certificate worked for Sugar. So, I brought in my marriage license, thinking surely they would see that with Brad's name on the lease and my name on the marriage license (AND THE CHECK!!!) that it would suffice. Nope. I had to have something with my name and the Philly address. Grrr. Finally, I got him to agree to let me fax in a electric bill with my name on it. I wanted to whine about how ridiculous that was, or ask for a supervisor, but instead, I bit my tongue, which has been used far too much to argue lately (not with anyone in particular, I've just felt feisty lately). While I was waiting for him to fill out the cards, Sugar started charming the socks off the guy's co-worker with her signing and general adorableness. Before you know it, he's got some dog puppets and toys and has Sugar cooing. And don't you know, I leave with cards for everyone, including me. Thanks, my little Sugar Bean!