Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I might just be stating the obvious for some of you, but I'm not one for surprises. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE it when Brad comes home with flowers or something, but anticipating something isn't for me. I am, unfortunately, an instant gratification person. If something good is coming, tell me what it is so I can enjoy the anticipation. I'll enjoy it a lot more than way than if I'm left wondering. Having said all of that, you don't have to wait for your Valentine's letter to see our family pictures. They are in a slide over in the Cookie blog. And yes, there are a TON of pictures. I left in the bad ones so you can see what a pain Calet was being, and because I'm all about keeping it real. I have to say, I really really really like having a CD. I can print as many great quality pictures as I want, and I get all of the pictures, not just 1 pose. And I don't have to scan anything. LOL! So, go check out the pictures and get a sneak peek at the Valentine's cards I'm sending out, since I totally missed Christmas. And for those so curious, our 'theme' was that we all wore our favorite colors and the girls wore sweaters too. There. That is a theme, right?

And here is some housekeeping. A lot of my family and friends would like access to my siblings blogs. I'm not really comfortable having them permanently linked on this public blog, but I will be putting their links up in the private Cookie blog. Resa and Brooke's blogs are public and you don't need permission to view them. But they reserve the right to change their minds in the future. :) I'm putting Aubrey's link up too, even though her blog is private. I can relay messages to ask to get on it, but I cannot put you on it myself. And, as of now, Tylerr and Becca, Jeremy, Gerrick and Heidi, and Byron don't have blogs I know about, so they won't have links.

And one last thing, does anyone know how in the world this icicle was formed?!!? It looks so bizarre to me! It narrows and widens. It has grooves and divets. It is so narrow near the top, I thought it would break for sure! I've never seen such a thing! Any ideas?! Ignore the purple diamond. It is there merely to have contrast.

And this is the snow drift, from our recently plowed road, that my snow blower munched through. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my snow blower!??!? Best money I've spent in a long time!

4 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

I know what you mean - I want to KNOW that something is in the works for holidays, etc. And I'd prefer it not be bought that same day! I'm picky, I know. I just want some thought put into it!

I guess that's why I haven't seen any updates on your sister's blog - ask her if she would add me? Thanks!

Laurie said...

That is the coolest icicle, and the coolest post about your little Stinkerbell!

nicole said...

I'm with you on the surprise thing! I'm not patient enough to hold out. Unfortunately, my husband LOVES to surprise me... and he is too stubborn to let me know early. I'm learning to enjoy the moment. :) Great pictures!!

Joy said...

I love that you love your snow blower! Stay warm- and no clue about the icicle!