Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry. Had to share this.

4 chocolate lovers:

Becky and Chris said...

For some reason I didn't feel the same level of romance as the original. Maybe bunnies are just naturally unromantic creatures like guinea pigs, I just can't see a smoochie seen with those kinds of creatures. Maybe if they did it with snakes and bunnies then I'd feel it, you know the whole venom thing and then the soft bunny/human and the snake trying his hardest not to swallow her.

my security word is Gastrab, is there something you're not telling me :)

b-rad said...

I like the book and real movie so much more. The bunny skit left a lot out!

GooberDiva13 said...

I posted on this yesterday, but blogger freaked out, and it didn't actually post.

I love the bunny skits! I discovered them about 4 years ago on My favorite is still the Titanic one. I think they really could have made that movie into 30 seconds and nothing would have been lost.

Trisha said...

Kyle and I got a kick out of this!

Can you believe we had that kind of weather in OK today? Crazy! But lovin' it!

Will Philly be 'warmer' than Michigan?