Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pictures up!

I have 3 new slides up on Cookie:

1) Stinker with a pony tail and looking like a peacock
2) The boys eating lentil soup with their Bakugan toys
3) Tons of snow pictures, including the skiers on my road.

I am working on a post for Stink's birthday, about a month late. :) I'm hoping to have it up tomorrow, but at the rate I'm going....

3 chocolate lovers:

Victoria :) said...

My Nephew is into those Bakugan toys. I drove him crazy while we were in Denver mispronouncing the name of those things. At first it was because I had never heard of them and couldn't understand what he was saying. Then after I figured it out I would do it on purpose just to hear him go "BAAAKUUUGAAAAN". Cheap thrills what can I say. LOL

Victoria :) said...

Oh, by the way. I finally got around to updating my blog so when you get a chance there is plenty of reading.

ChristyLou said...

Hey there...I would love have an invite to your private blog. Here's my email address ( and let me know if you want an invite to ours, it's private too. I love staying in touch this way! Christy.