Thursday, April 30, 2009


My super hero tiara is tarnished. Dang.

Lots more rain today. And apparently the sump pump is not working. Still. The reason I thought it worked last time was because the water seeped, not because the water was pumped. Can I even explain how grateful I am that Brad will be here tomorrow night. WAHOO! We hadn't planned on him coming home until Memorial Day, but since his birthday is this weekend, we thought we'd splurge on gas money. :o)

Oh, and remember the cat with the evil eyes? Well, I saw it again. Under my shed. With 3 kittens. I'm not a cat person, but ooooooooo, I wanted to go hold a kitty!!! So, what would you do about our new pets? Feel free to vote in the poll because I'd love some guidance.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tough stuff

Sorry. Long post. Feel free to skip.

Cindi had a great suggestion to go out on a picnic yesterday. So, I told the kids to get ready so we could go soon. And it started to rain. And then pour. And then the power went out, turning off my Gilmore Girls. The nerve. I kept thinking the power would come back on, but that didn't happen. For 3 hours. I suppose that was a good thing because it forced me to do unpleasant things like sewing *shudder*. I had to repair Sugar's pillow and chair that were ripping at the seams. And I got out the boys' summer clothes from storage. 'Bout time. It is almost May!

We finally got power back in time for me to make dinner. Since it was already 5 and my kids were, and I quote, "starving!" we did a quick pancakes with eggs and sausage because waiting an hour for the casserole on the menu wasn't an option. The lights kept flickering so I just hoped I could get done cooking before we lost power again. Thankfully it didn't got out again, but it didn't stop raining either.

After spending ages getting 3 kids ready for bed, I went out the the porch off my bedroom to enjoy the amazing feel of a Spring rain. It was so beautiful, and peaceful and lovely. It was romantic and serene. That is until I noticed that I had a lake in my backyard. Argh. It was already up to the patio and about 2 ft into the bricks. We installed a sump pump in the backyard just to avoid this little problem. A sump pump that hadn't been turned on since the thaw. Oops. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out in the rain to turn it on. I flipped the switch and nothing happened. Not good. I sloshed out into the lake and tried to uncover the grate only to find that it was already uncovered. No leaves or mud or anything on it. I finally caved and called Brad. He talked me through checking the fuse and finding a cool tool that can see if the wires have power going through them. Everything appeared to be fine mechanically, so he suggested lifting the grate and sticking my hand in to make sure nothing was blocking it. Uhhhh.... Did I mention it was still raining out and that there were spiders under the deck where the power switch is? After dealing with all that, I'm now supposed to stick my arm into the murky abyss and hope it comes back out whole. I stood there for at least two minutes telling myself to hurry up and do it. "Stick you hand in, Melisa. Come on, do it. Hurry it up already. The longer you take the higher the water is going to rise. Do you really want water in the house?" And thus my internal conversation continued for those 2 minutes until I sucked in my breath and plunged in my hand. I gasped when I actually touched something in the hole, a plastic bag. Yeah! I found the blockage and it wasn't scary or disgusting! I replaced the cover, but nothing happened. No circling water, no draining, nothing. Dang.

Brad and I talked over more options and it was decided that I would go to my neighbors and ask to borrow her hot tub pump. We'd used it in the past before we installed our sump pump in the yard. Thankfully, she was up and watching TV that late at night. I'm sure I looked like a soaked dog walking over there. Then I started getting everything ready. I connected the extension cords and covered the connection with a plastic bag and taped it all so it wouldn't get wet. I grabbed a plastic lawnmower toy to keep the connection off the ground. I went to the shed and tried to open the door, but wouldn't you know, my hand was slippery and couldn't manage to turn the knob hard enough. Ergh. I finally got the door open and then had to get the tangled hose off the wheel while holding a flashlight. Eventually I got the hose and I went back to assemble everything. But the water had receded. Seriously. It was entirely off the patio. The lake was shrinking rapidly. I could see water circling into the grate. Ahhhh, such a beautiful site.

I stayed out there, wanting to see the pump turn on to give myself peace of mind. I waited. And I waited. I repositioned my clematis on the fence. I got my pants scared off when I noticed a pair of green eyes staring at me from the "woods". Cats are evil, by the way. But the pump never came on while I was there. Eventually, when the lake was almost entirely gone, I figured the pump just wasn't going to turn on for me and I had a billion more things to do inside and it was almost midnight by now.

I went back inside to work on some stuff for church. And my printer wouldn't connect to the network. Ack. I gave up at 1 and decided to go to bed. For some reason, I've been tired and crabby today. Hmm, lack of sleep? Stress? Nah, couldn't be that. But I decided to go ahead and refer to myself as Super Mom today for getting the sump pump to work, in spite of spiders, rain, and cats. I woke up to the beautiful sight of a lake-free backyard and a lake-filled retention ditch. So pretty.

Take that! Who needs a man anyway? I DO! I DO!! I DO!!! Well, not any man, a specific man, namely Brad Mons. Sure miss him...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Who'da thunk it?

I think I have recovered from my blogging funk. Yipee! But I'm also about one hundred or so blog posts behind on reading. Oops. Thankfully it is the weekend, right. :o) Time to veg out.

Our excitement this week was that I finally got to show the house! YEAH! They were both potential renters, but at this point, I just want to be back with my hun and I don't care how I get there. If anything, the last 193 days (yes, I'm counting) have taught me just how grateful I am to have Brad as my husband forever and always. My life just isn't the same without him. And I will try to not complain about his call weekends ever again. Even 80 hour work weeks seem manageable after this.

And in my 'that's a shocker' news, I am still in kettlebell. WAHOO! I got some kind of financial aid or scholarship. Amazing, huh. I am so excited!!! I can't believe how much I love getting my hiney kicked in kettlebell. But, before I knew I could still take the class, I made plans to play racquetball. We decided to go ahead and play anyway. We played a tough match, and I was so scared I wouldn't be able to make it through a kettlebell class after all of that running. But it was actually easier than usual and I even had a heavier bell! Crazy, huh! She went a little easy on us because there were new people, but I know it wasn't that easy because one of the students had to drop out and sit after 10 minutes.

So, that's what is happening in the Mons-ter Maison lately. :o)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Funky chicken

Okay, no poultry is involved, but I have been in a blogging funk lately. I think I've just been in a funk in general. Probably because Brad just left and memories of how blissful it is with him here are still fresh. Perhaps, once time dulls the pain of his loss again, I'll be back to whatever passes as normal for me. In the meantime, I'll console myself with Gilmore Girls. Before you ask, no, I had never seen even one episode until this week when the lovely Neysa let me borrow her DVDs.

Oh, oh, oh! Before I forget, I did manage to get my act together long enough to put up 2 slides shows and 4 videos (but not long enough to actually label the pictures). Long and boring, but with Brad and our family out of town, they kind of like it like that. One slide is all of the Easter pictures and the other is SugarPea after finding a black marker. Oh, so pretty. The videos are coloring eggs, egg hunting, Jamo behind the lens recording some proof as to why I can't keep the house clean for long, and SugarPea dancing on the couch. If you manage to make it over to the Cookie blog, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bad milestone

Maybe "bad" is the wrong word I'm looking for. Today is 6 months since Brad moved away. Yeesh. That is half of a year! I think it goes without saying that this wasn't part of my plan. :o)

In happy news, Sugar made it through another night dry. She didn't do #2 yesterday, so I put her in a pull-up to go to the Y just to be safe. She did awesome though and told the child care lady she needed to go. Yup, she did both. That's my girl! So, now that I think she is officially, officially done, I have a question. I have quite a few pull-ups that I plan to use at night, just because I have them. I suppose I could sell them, but I would probably lose money on that. I could put one on her in the mornings to go to the Y, but I don't think she needs them. And it seems wasteful. I suppose I have them to waste since I have nothing else to do with them, but I guess I'd rather use them at night. I know the child care people would be more comfortable if she were wearing pull-ups, but that shouldn't really factor in, should it? Anyway, just wondering if you guys had any thoughts about this situation.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feeling fortunate that Brad was able to come home after 55 days of being in Philly. That was way too long. Thankfully, he will be back again for Memorial Day, which is only 41 days. That is a whole 2 weeks earlier!

Since Brad got here after midnight on Friday, we had to pack a lot of fun into Saturday. He made blueberry pancakes for us that morning. Yummy! He cleaned the garage, which while isn't fun, is GREATLY appreciated. We also met our new neighbors. That's right, the house across the street sold. WAHOO! I'm so excited to see that house fixed up and look pretty again.

After all that fun, we went out to lunch at PF Chang's courtesy of our wonderful friends Adam and Natalie. It has been too long since we've been to PF Chang's. We love it!! It was a pretty crazy experience though. SugarPea spilled Brad's full glass of water all over. Lovely. And we took her potty no less than 5 times. I think she only peed 2 of those though. The rest were false alarms. But I've learned that you don't question when a 2 yr old yells "potty."

Besides the yummy leftovers we got to bring home and the 2 desserts we ordered, the fortune cookies we got were really cool too. I think Sugar got this one:

  • You have the ability to touch the lives of many people.

Brad's was:

  • Doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life.

Won't that be lovely! :o)

And this was mine:

  • Happier days are definitely ahead for you.

I get the coolest fortunes. I really do. That is probably why I collect them. And I definitely live a fortunate life.

After PF Chang's, we got to go to Wal-Mart and spend some Easter money we got from Grandma Jessie. We were there for ages because the boys were having a blast picking out their new toys. More Lego sets, of course. They could play Legos for hours. It was a super fun shopping experience, and it was nice to have a super fun one after my crazy ones lately.

SugarPea made it through the day dry! Wahoo! She has been doing great at home, but I was worried about leaving the house with her. She did awesome though. She even made it dry through the night! W.O.W. Yes, I'm still keeping a pull-up on her for awhile. Having said that, I am going to officially declare her potty trained. I think the girl is done! She's totally got the hang of it. In 1 week! What a girl! Yes, I do realize there are accidents in our future, but in general, she has it down.

After our busy day, it was time to color eggs. Oh. boy. Actually, SugarPea did pretty good there too. As good as you can expect a 2 yr old to do. Her hands look like they belong to a Smurf now. haha By the time we got done coloring eggs, and eating dinner, it was time for bed. Sugar had even missed her nap, so she REALLY needed bed.

That meant we did our egg hunt this morning. I would have preferred to do it on Saturday so we could focus on the importance of today, but since Brad just got home, it wasn't really a feasible option. It was hard to let Brad go today, so he stayed a little longer than planned, but you won't hear me complain about that. :o)

Friday, April 10, 2009


Toddler + potty training + tea set + water = lots of trips to the bathroom

Brad will be here in several hours. WAHOO!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring snow and lost teeth

Thank you all so much for the well wishes for my mom. She had her second chemo treatment today and she is doing great. For those who asked, lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes.

SugarPea's potty training is going great. Rachel watched her all day on Wednesday. She had an accident at the beginning of the day but then kept the diaper dry the rest of the day. My question is, if she keeps the diaper dry, how long is it okay to use? My thought is that it would have a one day lifespan, like underwear, even if it is dry. I mean, you can't keep reusing it indefinitely, ya know? I'm pretty confident that SugarPea is potty trained at home, but I still worry about going out with her. She doesn't have practice on a regular toilet and so I wonder how she will do when I start going back to the Y on Monday.

Spring break is almost over. YEAH! We are all still sane! I'm pretty grateful for that. And that Brad is coming home tomorrow night. And I'm grateful for Rachel taking all 3 kids on Wednesday so I could get so much done. Rachel is part angel, I'm sure of it.

Spring break started out with a lovely snow storm. Gotta love MI!

I have pictures of the snow, Jamo's lost tooth, SugarPea and Haley, etc. over on the Cookie blog, so go check it out. Roo picked out SugarPea's clothes for the Haley pictures. OSU orange pants with a pink shirt. That's my boy! He said she'd look cuter in OSU orange than the jeans I had for her.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My mom is a private person and as such, doesn't like her life broadcast to the world. But the poor lady has me for a daughter, and I have a desire to live openly.

My mom has been diagnosed with lymphoma. It is a treatable kind and her diagnosis is very good. She is the strongest person I know and I have no doubt that she has a lot of fight in her.

I respect her desire to live a private life. I am only posting this because I felt it would be better coming from me directly than coming second hand from various sources. The internet can be a wildfire and news travels quickly. I wouldn't want my dear friends to find out from someone other than me.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm not REALLY bored

So does anyone want to tell me why I spent so long making an M&M avatar to use as a blog post signature?

Here I am!

The boys helped with Brad's

It happened again, only weirder

Remeber this little nugget of fun? Well, here we go again!

Brad is on call this weekend. I got to talk to him a little this morning and he mentioned a big surgical case coming up this afternoon. I wished him luck and told him I would talk to him later. I am pretty tired after a lack of sleep last night, so I was on the couch taking a nap while my SugarPea was taking her nap.

I was roused from my nap by the phone ringing.

"Hi, did you call Brad's phone?" (male voice this time)
"Uh, what?" (I'm still groggy and trying to figure out if he meant 'is this Brad's phone' or what was going on since I know I didn't call Brad)
"Are you trying to reach Brad?" (light bulb comes on in my head)
"Oh! My kids must have tried to call him. Is he in surgery?"
"Yes, he is all scrubbed in."
"I'm sorry for the trouble."
"No problem."

I then told the boys this wasn't a good time to be calling daddy. Obviously, I can't fault them for wanting to talk to him. They didn't know he had surgery this afternoon. Oh, the joys.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Slow learner/fast learner

Apparently I am not that quick. Remember how unprepared I was for Jamo's last lost tooth? Well, he lost another tonight. Oops. That's right, still no gold dollars. I need to remember to get some more soon! He is now missing 4 (FOUR!!) of his top teeth. I really don't know how the poor kid eats.

Today was my first day officially trying to get SugarPea potty trained. She went 7 for 7 including two poops! WOW! She even made it through her nap dry. I'm not risking it for the night though. I put her in a diaper. Before you all think I'm just the best trainer in the world, my mom did most of the work in NM. I've just been slow to complete the ground work she started.

The Meanest Mom

Sorry, Jana, apparently my son thinks I should hold the title of The Meanest Mom.

You may remember a little while back when I sent Roo to school when he said he had a tummy ache and I ended up having to go get him from school. He's had this same issue last night, and when he was saying how much his tummy hurt and had yet another episode, I decided to keep him home.

SugarPea was at Rachel's house so I could go shopping alone. Now I had a kid to take. Oy. I told him before we went that he wasn't getting any toys so he had better not ask. But the second we went in, it was "I want, I want, I want". I picked up some red grapes, he wanted green ones too. Seemed reasonable, so I said okay. I got green apples, he wanted yellow. I said no on that one because no one else likes the yellow ones. Then I was getting yogurt and he wanted the expensive kind and I said no.

For the next 30 minutes as I was going through the store I heard a constant "You are the meanest mom in the world! You get everything and I get nothing! How could you be so mean to your only 5 yr old kid?" complete with big fat, heaving tears.

Thankfully I have been able to attend an incredible parenting class taught by none other than the amazing Gina Dale. I dug into my head and thought about what I had learned in her class. Obviously there was no way I could give in to Roo at this point. If I gave in now, he'd just think the bigger/longer the fit, the faster to get what he wants. I went with one of her teachings, "ignore junk behavior." It saved my sanity. I completely ignored Roo through the entire store. He wailed, he cried, he threatened, he pleaded, he begged, he whined and got precisely no reaction from me.

Let me tell you why this was so good for me. Under normal circumstances, I would have been wracking my brain trying to find ways to get him to behave, trying to find threats I could make and actually follow through, trying to stay calm and figure out an effective discipline method. I probably would have left stressed out and crying. Instead, I got to look for good deals, re-check my shopping list, AND absorb the reactions of the shocked and sometimes distraught shoppers as my son continued his rant. It was lovely. I didn't have to fret about how to discipline him. I was getting my point across without doing anything. I ignored him as he took the can of corn and grapes out of the cart. He put them back without me saying a word. I ignored him when he tried to push the cart the wrong way. I ignored him as he wrapped himself around my legs and took off my shoe. Yes, I walked around without a shoe on one foot. When he play hit me, I told him "Absolutely not!" but that was the biggest reaction he got out of me.

I'm sure many of those shoppers thought I was an absolute loon with no parenting skills. I'm okay with that. If I had tried any real discipline with him, it would probably just end up with both of us in hysterics. I know there are behaviors that can't be ignored, but he wasn't hurting anyone and it kept me from losing my mind. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And it totally reminded me, yet again, why I don't take my kids shopping. Thankfully, SugarPea was playing with her friend or my patience might have been spread too thin. She can be a handful at the store.

Just thought I'd share a parenting moment with you all. :o)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feast of the Light Heart

Many years ago (I think 2001?), my family had some experiences that greatly relieved the burdens in our hearts. April 2nd was designated in my family as the Feast of the Light Heart. On April 2nd we go out to eat with grateful hearts in remembrance of our blessings both then and now.

Today as I thought about the Feast occurring tonight, my mind was preoccupied with the financial concerns we are facing with the house not selling and the new job. I had gratitude in my heart because I know we've been blessed in so many ways, but it was also heavy with concern.

Just before I left for the grocery store, the mail arrived. There was a package from a sweet friend of mine. It had Dave Ramsey's book The Financial Peace Planner. I was so excited because just last week I started listening to him and absorbing what he has to say. He's da man! I could hardly wait to get started so I opened it to read a little before leaving for the store. Out fell an envelope. As soon as I opened it, I could see that there was money in there. My jaw dropped to the floor, I'm sure. But as soon as I saw the denomination and the quantity, the tears started to flow and wouldn't stop. I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude right now. Roo couldn't figure out how I could be crying so much when I was so happy.

Tonight for our Feast, the kids and I had chili, courtesy of Debbie's recipe on Jenn's blog, and I felt a real lightness in my heart that I haven't felt in awhile. I know it was no coincidence that this gift arrived on this day, our Feast of the Light Heart day. My friend knew nothing about our family's celebration, she was just following her spirit. I am so grateful that the Lord has things so perfectly in His control that things would unfold this way. Included in her note was a reference to Psalm 27. Here is the first and last verse of that chapter:

1 The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

I am so grateful for friends in my life who are answers to my prayers. I have received so much support the last few weeks that my cup runneth over. I'm sorry if I haven't told you each individually how much your support has meant to me the last 6 months. Your kind comments and encouragement have truly helped sustain me. My heart is lighter for having all of you in my life. Thank you.

He is good!

So, I finally got the whole story on the prank played on my siblings and why I was left out. I would have linked to Aubrey's blog, but since she is private, I just got her permission to copy it.

Abbie woke up at 4am on April Fools Day and was basically in and out of sleep all morning. Makes for a long morning...

Well, at about 8am I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, so I didn't answer it. Then the number called right back. Hmm- I was tempted to answer it in case it was Benji, but I decided to let the machine get it. I listen to the message- it is a woman from Washington state calling about an apartment I had listed on Craigslist. Strange. I figure it was just a mistake, but then I get another phone call from another random number. Same thing- the call twice in a row and then leave a message inquiring about an apartment.

My phone just kept ringing and ringing all morning. I just start laughing my head off. Someone was doing this to me as an April Fools joke. And they must have wrote up a killer ad, because EVERYONE wanted that apartment. PURE GENIUS.

I'm eager to see just what the ad says, so I hop on my laptop and go to Craigslist. And this is what I find:

Apartment in Great Shape- Great Deal

This apartment has been so good for us! The owners live next store and are wonderful. They like to rent the apartment cheap because they want it to be manageable for poor college students (like us). We would stay here forever but because of personal reasons we have to leave.

2 bedroom
1 bathroom
washer and dryer
heating and ac
option to continue internet and cable for $50
Great ward
carport parking large enough for 2 cars

We have loved living here. Please send an email or call Aubrey @ or email to (Please do not email or call between 9:30pm-9:30am). If no answer the first time, try calling again right away and if no answer again leave a message. Make sure to let Aubrey know you are calling regarding the ad Jeremy posted.

Oh boy- no wonder. That is a steal in Provo! And with the ever growing number of engaged couples looking for housing...once again, PURE GENIUS.

Well, then I go to check my email. Oh my goodness-- there are even MORE emails for this apartment than there were phone calls! And these people are desperate: "My fiance and I saw your ad and it is just what we're looking for. Please let us know if it is still available..." Oh great. Now I'm starting to feel bad. So I go through all of my emails and respond that the apartment is no longer available (I don't want them to know it was all just a joke)

Suddenly the phone rings. Oh boy. Not again. But this time it's a number I recognize- it's Travis, my brother. I pick it up and he says "HA HA HA. Very funny, Aubrey". I ask him what he's talking about and he says "The little craigslist ad you posted in my name. I've been getting calls all morning and I have to answer it because it's my work phone...I told the first few people that I had no idea what they were talking about, but then I asked a lady to read the ad to me and it said 'Make sure to let Travis know you are calling regarding the ad his sister Aubrey posted' ". I laughed so hard and told Travis that the same thing had happened to me, only it said that Jeremy had posted it.

Travis immediately concludes that it must be Tylerr or Gerrick. He said he's going to call them and find out. Well, I call Travis back a little bit later to see what he found out. He said he talked to Gerrick. Imagine this- Travis calling to accuse Gerrick of this prank and this is how Gerrick answers the phone:"How dare you! I've been getting phone calls all morning about an apartment listed on Craigslist and they said that Travis posted it..."

So, we all found ourselves in quite the twisted little circle. We called Jeremy, who initially thought he was free from the prank and kept saying "I've been framed!" as we threw out our accusations. But when he got home and checked his email...he got quite the surprise-he'd been hit as well, and supposedly "Gerrick" listed the ad.

To get to the turns out that the culprit behind it all was none other than my dear sweet husband BENJI!! He was behind all of the ads! When I figured out it was Benji, I told him "Benji, that was amazing. I love you even more than I did before, if that's possible"I still can't get over how brilliant it all was. He knew that all of us are suspicious of each other for evil deeds, so we were quick to accuse each other. I asked why he didn't involve Tylerr or Melisa. He said that he would feel bad doing it to Melisa since she really is trying to sell her home and didn't want to bombard her with phone calls or false hopes. And "I did do it to Tylerr as well". Really? Hmm?

So we call Tylerr to see if he got any messages. Benji calls from his cell phone and says "Hey Tylerr". The immediate response "Look! I don't have an apartment for sale! You have the wrong number!" and hangs up. And... it wasn't Tylerr. Apparently Tylerr got a new phone number recently and Benji doesn't have it...oops. Poor random guy. He probably got tons of calls about the apartment Benji listed in Salt Lake at such a great deal.

Anyway, there you have it. My hubby is quite the little trickster and my brothers are more than ready to seek revenge!

I just about died from laughing so hard. Absolutely one of the best jokes I have heard of in YEARS. Oh, Benji, we are so glad to have you in our family! You fit in with the Joneses so well. :o)


Okay, so either ya'll were boring like me and didn't do anything for April Fool's either, or you just don't likey Mr. Linky.
No one pranked me. They must think I'm mentally fragile or something. I have heard that 2 of my siblings were pranked. I was told it was all of them, but so far I only have confirmation of the 2. So, how would one prank multiple siblings in various states like CA, AZ, NM, and UT (not MI because I was left out of the festivities)? He (yes, I think I know which one did it, but that doesn't help you guys since I have 4 brothers and 1 sister) took out multiple Craigslist ads for each sibling. According to Jeremy, "I have a bike for sale, an apartment for rent, and in need of some female companionship." haha! I was laughing so hard! I seriously wish I had a creative bone in my body to come up with funny stuff like that. My family is absolutely hilarious. I just love them.
In birth order Melisa, Tylerr, Jeremy, Travis, Aubrey, Gerrick
Obviously this isn't the cuteness part of this blog. ;o) And yes, I realize I'm considerably shorter than my siblings. You don't need to remind me. I have nicknames like Hobbit and Froddo to help me remember. And I've lost more than 15 pounds since that picture. Go Melisa, go Melisa!
Here is the cuteness:

Do you see how he spelled 'pale' and 'male' for 'pail' and 'mail'? So cute!!!

Okay, that's all I've got today. And I'm posting so early because I woke up with a girl in my bed. At least mine was an adorable 2 yr old and not some random drunk girl (such a hilarious story, it deserves another read). Unfortunately, the girl in my bed was not passed out and has had me up since 5:30 am. I really should have gone to bed before 1:30. Oops.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's!

Since I'm just doing my best to keep it together these days, I'm not doing anything fun for April Fool's Day. Are you? Did you read something funny? Let me know, I could use a laugh today!