Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who'll stop the rain?

Yes, a little tribute to CCR. No, it isn't raining anymore. But that doesn't mean that crazy stuff isn't happening. Today Brad called to tell me that the check engine light is going off in Lex Luther and he is making funny sounds and movements. Great. Just what I needed after paying to get our carpets fixed in MI. Didn't I say that before? Insanity isn't complete until a car breaks down? Uh yeah, I think I did!

In some good news, I met someone here who volunteered to watch the kids so I could see the ortho on Friday. What a relief! Oh, and my knee actually feels good today. Not perfect, but not horrible. My new friend also brought dinner, which was great since the oven people aren't coming until Friday. She brought homemade Chinese and broccoli. Can I just say that Sugar ate almost ALL of the container of broccoli. That girl is a broccoli fiend! We were all laughing about it during Hi/Lo. It was Sugar's turn and I did a little ventriloquism and said that her Hi was broccoli and her Lo was running out of broccoli. The boys were rolling with laughter. They busted up again when telling Brad the story tonight at scripture time. Fun times...

Not fun times? Sugar deciding she is done with naps. I am so sad for the loss of nap times!

5 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

Wow - a friend who can make homemade chinese food??? Hang onto that girl! ;o)

Adriana said...

I am having flash backs reading your blog to when we first moved to PA. I am glad I found your blog:)

Alyson said...

Yes actually I live right over the Tacony/Palmyra bridge.....My group of homes is right on the river :0)

How do you like living in Philadelphia so far??? My husband grew up there and my inlaws own a lingerie and dress shop there too :0)

It sounds like you have met a lot of great people there!! :0) My neighbors here in NJ have never made me dinner or offer to watch my kids for me.....I take that back.....One of my neighbors has, but she is in her mid to late 80s and I know she couldn't handle my crazy kids!! :0P I need to move over to Philly!! :0)

Robyn said...

How nice to have great people willing to help.

I love your hi/lo idea. Gonna use that.

Thanks for your very sweet comment for my b-day. I was touched- and funny thing- I've always felt the same way about you. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you made a new friend there! One that cooks and watches the kids! That's great! Good luck with your knee and keep us posted.