Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This morning we had Sugar's dentist appointment. She had like 5 cavities. Poor baby. She went crazy. We barely got her in the papoose thing. She did better once the nitrous kicked in. Then when the dentist was looking over the boys really quick, he noticed that Jamo had a busted filling, which is frustrating since I just took him to the dentist in MI the day before we moved and everything was fine. He got him right in though. It ended up being 2 hours at the dentist this morning. Just not a fun morning.

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Trisha said...


--Leann-- said...

blech! glad it's over.

will you kick me in the patootie to get my kids in to the dentist?

KC said...

I am really blessed to have kids who don't mind shots, dentists, or doctor appointments. Jyllie will actually tell you,
"I like shots!" just to be funny I guess.
But it's really not funny to have to pay for all that stuff.

kofoeds5 said...

Well, at least it's over with for another 6 months! ;o)

Rachel said...

I'm worried about what our dentist appts will be like too.... Urgh!
Sometimes I think it'd just be easier for everyone to have fake teeth :)

Cindy said...

Yikes....Brin is my cavity kid...we just had two more filled today....and two more on the 30th. Tan who rarely brushes his teeth well doesn't have a single cavity....Brin just has those darn soft teeth.