Monday, June 29, 2009

Counting blessings

Tomorrow at midnight is the drawing for the free month of Cool Cat service at Handipoints! Hurry and let me know if you want to be entered in. After our week with using it, I discovered we need to do some tweaking. The boys earned both a Nintendo DS game rental and a treat at Blockbuster. I'm thinking they need to cost more points so they can't get both the same week. Thankfully, Handipoints is very easy to tweak. LOVE IT!!! Go check it out, even if you don't want to be in the contest. It will help your sanity over the summer. And all moms need sanity over the summer! :o)

Friday, Brad was outside working on his smoking car, Lex Luther. The boys were in our driveway rolling crocquet balls around. Well, one of the balls made it to our street, which is quite a hill, and took off down the hill to the busy street at the bottom of the hill. Despite Brad yelling at Roo to stop, Roo still ran into the street to get the ball and was nearly hit by at least 2 cars. My heart stopped as I ran out the door hearing Brad's screams for Roo to stop and then hearing cars honking, etc. It was probably the worst 10 seconds of my life, not knowing what had happened. Thankfully my unconcious mind registered that there was no screaming, crying, chaos, so my heart resumed beating. After living at the interestion of 2 dead end streets with little traffic, my boys were ill-prepared for the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia traffic. And yes, we were constantly telling them to stay out of the street in MI too, but I suppose the urgency wasn't there like it is here. Anyway, Roo wasn't hurt, but many many tears were shed out of gratitude for his safety and for a release of extremely deep emotional anxiety. I can't even let me head consider the possibility of losing one of my babies. I would be completely devastated. Many prayers have been said in gratitude this weekend for our little Roo.

Saturday was busy, but thankfully lacked the drama of Friday. Want to see our jungle, I mean yard? Here ya go!

The stems are thicker than a garden hose. Insane.

There is only one tree amidst all that foliage. Most of the rest are over-grown weeds taller than Brad. There are shrubs along the fence to the right.

Insanely big weeds

The poor little tree is surrounded!

Those are weeds all the way to the tree. Huge weeds.

And they are between fences and hard to reach.

Nice, stable looking wall. LOL!

I'm going to tranplant these to the ivy patch in the front yard. It just looks weird there.

Flower bed by my front door. So pathetic. LOL!
My neighbor donated the flowers.

Our long and narrow drive way. I have yet to get out of Odie without banging the door on the rocks. Sigh.

The ivy bed I am ripping out. First step was to rip all of the ivy off the rose bushes.

That was just around the roses! It could be awhile before I get the rest ripped out. I still have tons of work to do on the inside of the house!

4 chocolate lovers:

Dion said...

Sounds like you hate the tall over grown weeds. They do provide a certain amount of privacy though. Huh?

Jessi said...

How scary to have one of your little ones run out into traffic! I'm so glad that everyone is well.

UGH, I hate weeds...especially the kind that you have to use a chainsaw to cut down. And ivy, don't even get me started...that stuff can definitely outgrow anything! Looking forward to seeing what the "beds" look like once you're done making them over. *wink*

Rebecca said...

I actually love all the greenery even if they are weeds!

Trisha said...

What a scary moment. Glad everything turned out ok and I bet Mr. Roo learned his lesson. Poor guy.