Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good indication

You know you are officially broke when the money is all gone and then a car breaks down. Why does it always happen like that? It must be a conspiracy.

Brad was driving to work yesterday when Lex Luther started smoking. Lex is our 1992 Lexus with nearly 180K miles. Our Odyssey is Odie, an '06 who just got a 30K check-up last week, which wasn't cheap. I take total responsibility for the fact that our cars have names. It is my family's tradition. Brad thinks it is loopy, but plays along. Anyway, Brad managed to get to a shop that was within a 15 minute walk to his work.

The is no news on the yard. It looks quite the same as Brad has been working an insane amount of hours this week. I am really excited for the big massive ditches to be filled and the huge piles of rocks to be spread. And it will be great to finally have a sidewalk and a porch so people stop going through my garage to knock on the door. Oh, and grass so that my carpet isn't coated in dirt being tracked in. It is going to be awhile, but I'll take more pictures when something changes!

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Becky & Chris Williams said...

It is a conspiracy. There must have been something you did to offend your car, try to think back. Did you mention his age? His mileage? His gas eating habits? Cars,they really are overly sensitive machines.