Thursday, June 11, 2009

A theme

I've been getting a sense that my posts have been less than 'lemonade-y" and cheery lately. I just can't seem to smile my way through my current situation. Sorry ya'll.

But, in an attempt to bring back some smiles, I'll share a rare picture of kids on here. Not my kids, my niece and nephew. It doesn't have their faces, so I'm justifying it. Resa and Aubrey, if you want me to take it off, let me know.

I'm finally catching up on everyone's blog. I made it through public ones, but now I have all the private ones to go through... perhaps this weekend when Brad is out of town and takes the van since his car is dying....

Anywhere, here is a picture that made me laugh. Q-T baby and Abbie.

My kids are chunky like Quinton but as white as Abigail. LOL! They should be somewhere inbetween since they are registered Cherokees, but they seemed to miss the nice, tan skin genes. haha!

3 chocolate lovers:

Becky said...

That is an adorable picture!!! Is your husband part Cherokee? I'm 1/16th :) very, very, very little, ha-ha.
Sometimes sharing the other guts, even the non-pleasant parts, are necessary on one's blog. Just keep whatever it is comin' because we all still love ya and want to know :)

dusherv, weird!

kofoeds5 said...

TOO cute!

I am sorry that you have had SO much going! Life gets crazy sometimes! You take care and know that I love to hear you are doing.... no matter what is going on!

Cindy said...

Too cute! Don't worry about the theme....I think that we are all feeling it. This is our kids first week of summer break and it has rained to some degree EVERY DAY! Good luck!