Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big news!!!

I got a bloggy award! Thanks, Alyson! (but no, this isn't the big news)

I love getting awards. Too much fun! Being rewarded for something you enjoy, how can you beat that??

But I feel awkward giving out awards because I would give it to every single one of you amazing people who buoy me up with your comments and support. So, I'll open it up to you guys to pass this award along. You can give it to yourself from me too! I'd have done it anyway!

Don't fear Mr. Linky. He doesn't bite! I'd love to see the blogs you guys award, so go ahead and Linky it!

Here's the big news!!! Check in tomorrow, as I'm having my first sponsored give away!!! Too much fun! I'm soooo excited about this! Be sure to check it out tomorrow!

2 chocolate lovers:

Alyson said...

I nominated you for an award!!!! Come see!!

kofoeds5 said...

Pretty cool! Congratulations on your award! ;o)