Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's got the button?

My avatar didn't go so well. I decided to try my hand at making a button. Not that I expect anyone to use it, I just wanted to have one because everyone else does and I'm a sheep. :o)

Today was interesting. I thought Sears was coming between 8-12. They never came. But I did sell my queen box spring. Then I talked to Brad and he said Sears was coming between 1-5. Oops. I had a lady coming to pick up our old entertainment center at 1:30. Surely they wouldn't both arrive at the same time... They did. I helped the lady load the center while the repair guy fired up the stove. We got done loading so I went to the kitchen and the repair man said, "it has an odor, but it isn't too too bad." We walked back in there and I tried explaining that it would get worse. And sure enough, with in a minute or two, the stench after-burners kicked in and the eye-watering stench came out. that stove stinks. He agreed and said it wasn't reparable. He suspected mice as there was a nest in the corner of the stove. So Brad and I could both be right. It could have been urine (mouse) and it could have been death. Win-win. Or lose-lose actually. Brad called the landlord who agree to buy us a brand-spanking new one. :o) Yeah!!! But that still left me with a smelly house and no stove today, so we went to a diner down the street. My knee behaved quite well. Everyone kept staring at us though. It was getting a little awkward. My kids weren't being that bad, just busy, ya know? There is a difference. By the time it was dessert time, the waitress said our kids were the best behaved kids she had seen all night. And the people sitting across from us staring said that our kids were incredibly well-behaved. I'm not sure we were talking about the same kids, but it was a compliment and I graciously accepted it. Especially since at the beginning of our meal the lady had said, "Oh my, you certainly have your hands full" complete with a frown and shaking head. Quite the turn of events, I would say.

Anyhoo, that was my day. Oh, and my beloved Ruthie came to visit me. Sugar tried to keep her too. She is going to watch the kids for me on Friday so I can get my MRI and blood work results. And then she offered to stay after and help me make sense of the insanity that is this house right now. How I love Ruthie.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm so happy for you about your stove! Yay!!

Isn't it funny how people see our children's behavior so differently than we see it. I get complimented on my kids' behavior and I don't necessarily think they are doing all that good. Maybe I (we?) need to step back and realize that they really are doing a pretty good job at behaving given their age. I think I sometimes expect too much...maybe more than they are capable of?

On the other hand, I am a firm believer of setting high standards--lower standards mean that they will not do even close to what I am asking. I have gotten this way after teaching high school math. When you lower teaching standards, students do even worse because less is expected of them.

Jessi said...

What wonderful news about your stove!!!!! But will you be sad to no longer have an excuse to eat at cute little diners? *wink*

It is awfully funny how others' perceptions of your children is often WAY different than mommy's. What a compliment, though, to have TWO strangers tell you that you had well-behaved children (and you were by yourself)....Good work!

And thank God for wonderful friends who lend their helpful hand...I'd love for someone to come over and help me figure out how to get rid of these "organized" piles. LOL!

coxandroberts said...

Yay for a new stove. One nice thing about renting.

I always get strange looks at having 4 kids. And comments too. It really bothers me to be honest. 3 I don't think is that many. Not when my Grandma was one of 32, my dad 1 of 7, Don's mom 1 of 14. Now that is having your hands full!

It is so nice when you get compliments!

Hope they can help you with your Knee.

Miss ya!

Desiree said...

Yay for the new stove! ! ! That is great news!

I'm proud of your kiddos for being well-behaved, too!

Dion said...

Yea for a new stove!

Don't you love the "my, you have your hands full" comment?

I got it the other day, when I was out with my tow girls and the baby I've been watching.