Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soooo exciting!!!

Welcome, welcome to my first sponsored give away! Woot woot! I can't even tell you how excited I am about this!

Here it is: HANDIPOINTS.COM!!!
I think some of you have read on Facebook how I am absolutely in love with this site. Here's a brief description:
You make a chore chart or a behavior chart for your child. You can make each of your kids the same chart, or you can make unique ones. Each kid has their own account that you have control over. They can mark something as done, but you have the power to undo if they didn't really accomplish it. And you can give grades based on how well they performed a task. Higher grades give more points to be used in the Cool Cats Club.

You can also custom make rewards. Of course, there are a plethora of options you can chose from, but I wanted to make my own rewards. Check it out!

I got to add my own pictures and decide the value I wanted each goal to have. So Roo can redeem an hour on his red Nintendo DS for 5 points and Jamo's picture has his blue one. Kinda fun to personalize it like that! Goals can be a 1 time thing like a trip, or can be repeating like TV time or computer time. It's all up to you!

You get to pick what days a chore can be done on, ie MWF, TTH, weekends, weekdays, or any combination of days. There is even an option for once a week that can be done any day that week.

Anyway, I could go on forever about how awesome this site is. In fact, it may be too awesome. I was trying to get ready for our fancy-schmancy residency dinner and the boys kept begging me for more chores. LOL!

The website is free. Yup, free!!!! So, what am I giving away? An upgrade! When you sign up for the Cool Cat's Club, your child can do more with their kitty avatar. They can buy clothes, decorate their house, etc. There is probably more, but since we haven't upgraded yet, I couldn't tell you. (I wonder if I can enter my own drawing....)

You should really all go sign up for it. And then if you win, they will upgrade your entire family's account for a month. Not just one of your kids, all of your kids! Try it out, see if you like it! And be sure to use my email as a referral (found on my profile), because my kids want more costumes. :o)

Because I get the feeling there will be some of you more anxious to try this out than others, I thought I'd offer multiple ways to enter.

1. Leave a comment in general
2. Leave a comment telling me you signed up for Handipoints
3. Leave a comment after you make a post about this giveaway on your blog
4. Leave a comment after you put my button on your blog. Yes, you can take it down once the contest is over. :o)
5. Leave a comment letting me know you are following this blog.
6. Every person who leaves a comment using your name as a referral will get you both an entry.

Be sure I have your email so you can collect your prize. I can't think of any other random ways to get ya'll entries! But this should be enough, right? :o) Seriously, ladies, you are going to want to check out this site. My boys are begging for more chores. I don't have to keep track on paper or hand out play money or allowance, it is all online. Totally customizable. Keep in mind, my boys are 7 and 5. This wouldn't really work as easily for kids Sugar's age.

Oh, and an end date... Let's go with the 30th at midnight since that will be one week and it is the end of the month anyway. Plus, I leave the 1st for my brother's wedding. :o)

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kofoeds5 said...

Very cool Melisa! I haven't had time to check out handipoints yet but I plan to! It sounds amazing!

Jamie said...

I checked out this site the other day thanks to your referral on FB and it is AWESOME! I have been looking for something like this for a while so I just wanted to let you know I am signing up and using you as a referral.

GooberDiva13 said...

which brother's wedding?

--Leann-- said...

Here's my comment in general. :o)

--Leann-- said...

Here's my comment to tell you that I have signed up for Handi points.

I love it! Now if i could just figure out how to get it to fit into my rule that his chores have to be done before he does anything on the computer. lol may have to tweak that.

--Leann-- said...

oh oh. I follow you.

Jennerator said...

That's pretty cool!

Jamie said...

Melisa is cool!!!!

Jamie said...

You have the best blog! So much fun to read!