Sunday, June 14, 2009

The waiting game

Tonight was my MRI. When Jamo found out I was going to the doctor again, he said, "You went to the doctor a lot today, mommy." Yup. I hope to get some answers out of all of it! I still need to make the appointment to get the results next week.

When Brad and I were talking over scones, he made an interesting observation. 2 years ago, my mom broke her ankle and a few weeks later, I broke mine. About a year ago, she tore her meniscus and needed surgery. Brad thinks I might have a meniscus injury (though it might not require surgery if that is what it is). He asked that I stop trying to copy my mom's injuries since she also has RA and lymphoma. haha! I love my mommy and would love to be like her, but this is getting to be a bit much. ;o)

So, the MRI wasn't my favorite experience. I'm not a huge fan of pain, but I was told the MRI is painless. And it was. But it was also extremely uncomfortable. I didn't like it. I'd rather have my blood drawn if given the option. Besides being super loud, the sensations were odd. There was a light to the left of my left eye and to the right of my right eye, so keeping my eyes open was annoying. But closing my eyes was really disconcerting with everything happening. I think my knee kept twitching. It was hard to be still for sooooo long. I don't have a problem being still normally, but in the MRI it was totally different. So, I just plan to not get hurt again so I can avoid the experience. :o)

4 chocolate lovers:

Rebecca said...

We miss you! I hope that all goes well with your knee-let us know what is up. Would you like to be my yw sec. from far away! You're awesome.

Anonymous said...

Those husbands...they think they know everything! Just because you do some things like your mom, doesn't mean you are turning into her. LOL!

Becky said...

I hope you will be o.k. I don't know what that body part was you were talking about. Luckily when I had my last mri on my brain I was tired and managed to fall asleep even with the loud banging noises.
You really ought to stop following your mom in health related issues. My mom also has RA and that is definitely not one that I want. Nope, I'll take my own challenges and try not to complain.

nicole said...

Wow... sounds like quite an ordeal. I'm glad you made it through and that it's over! I hope everything works out Melisa.