Friday, June 5, 2009

Philly life, so far

Hello all! I have been without internet since Sunday, except for a brief stint at a friend’s house. I think I can say with certainty that I have an internet addiction. My source of moral support has been cut out from under me, just when I needed it. Thankfully, I’ve already met some amazing friends here to keep me sane. It was a blessing to have Brad here first to meet people and have friends waiting for me to arrive. Right now I’m illegally using an unsecured network in the area to make this post that I typed in a Word document. Don’t tell. :o)

Our house is pretty much beyond a description I could put on here. I will share a few tidbits though. We’ve lost about 2/3 of our living space, so I’m feeling a little cramped. Also, the closets here are too small for hangers to go in perpendicular, so the bars go the other way so the hangers are parallel to the closet. In other words, they are pretty useless. Sugar’s room doesn’t even have one and there is no linen closet. The wardrobes we bought at IKEA, though not abnormally large, take up a good portion of the rooms.

Outlets are gold here. Each room only has 2 or 3 outlets at most, and most of those are only for 2 prong, not 3. The halls don’t have outlets for those late night potty runs or vacuuming.
The biggest seating we could get in the living room is a love seat. We had to sell our entertainment center because it was too big for the room. And lots of wall space is taken up by the large radiant heaters.

The halls are so narrow and awkward that we had to buy split box springs for our queen bed. I am counting my blessings that they managed to get our dresser up the stairs.

I don’t mean to sound like I am complaining because the house does have some good points, but the things that are wrong with it are so outrageously bad, it is almost laughable. I’ve had my mom rolling a couple of times with my tales. Like the dishwasher. It is on wheels and there is a hose that you take out to attach to a faucet in the sink and then you plug it in to one of the 2 outlets in the kitchen. The first time we used it, bubbles went everywhere. The first time we used the stove, it made a stench so wretched that we had to leave the house. And we’ve just been in this house for 5 days.

I could go on, but I’ve complained enough. Hopefully I get internet access soon and I can share more craziness. I think pictures are a must for this house, though you’ll need to give me some time for that.

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GooberDiva13 said...

sounds like our house ;) you should look up when the house was built on and i'm sure that'll explain a lot of it. ours was built in the 1920's. Luckily Dave's handy and has switched out most of the outlets for 3 prong. We didn't even have outlets in the bathroom! good thing i don't spend hours drying and curling my hair. (hurrah for naturally straight hair!)

coxandroberts said...

Wow. I am so sorry. At least you are together. I hope someday you get to come back to your big, beautiful house here. Something to look forward to. The appartment we are in here is tiny compared to the one in San Diego. Same amount of rooms but a lot less space and no storage. It was a shock. Still not a big fan of the size but... it has its good points too.

Rachel said...

Oh the stories that can be told of tiny, crappy apartments... trust me we have our share also :)

We miss ya online... and it is restored to you soon!

Desiree said...

I'm sorry, Melissa... I lived in an ooooooold house with funny stories and weird spaces and don't get me started on the "closets" but at least it was 1200 sq ft so I couldn't complain about space (just try not to fall through the floor, lol, or the time the sewer backed up in the basement, or the bathroom... eek).

Anyway, I was laughing about your contraband internet. When we moved to Tulsa last year for school, it took TWO MONTHS to get AT&T internet (don't get me started - I nearly lost my mind, not to mention I couldn't work). It drove me crazy. There was one spot in the bedroom corner where I could pick up a weak open signal. Guess where I spent my time, lol? I even did my training for my new job with the illegal signal... ha ha... made it work!

Anonymous said...

My Oh My! YOu are making me nervous about moving up to the North East. I am sure it is not all like that, but EEEK!!!

I am already expecting a much smaller space for us...but I was not thinking in terms of number of plugs and plug in dishwashers!!! New life, here I come. I've only seen one of those types of dishwashers all my life. My grandmother had one for a short time before deciding that it was more of a hassle than actually washing the dishes by hand. UGH!

On another note, you use that illegal signal!! Keep your sanity anyway you know how.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like urban living all right! We had one of those portable dishwashers before we moved out here, although it never sprayer bubbles :)
I'm glad you have your Brad back!

Laurie said...

Wow! Sounds busy and crazy trying to get a small place set up to accomodate your basics. I'm sorry it's been such a trick. I sure hope the wrinkles get ironed out in your new place! Glad you got some brief computer time!

Missy said...

LOL I can totally relate to the baseboard-wall-space issue. I can't wait to get geothermal one of these days. Oh my. Well, at least you're not living in a hotel with all your stuff in storage?