Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring snow and lost teeth

Thank you all so much for the well wishes for my mom. She had her second chemo treatment today and she is doing great. For those who asked, lymphoma is cancer of the lymph nodes.

SugarPea's potty training is going great. Rachel watched her all day on Wednesday. She had an accident at the beginning of the day but then kept the diaper dry the rest of the day. My question is, if she keeps the diaper dry, how long is it okay to use? My thought is that it would have a one day lifespan, like underwear, even if it is dry. I mean, you can't keep reusing it indefinitely, ya know? I'm pretty confident that SugarPea is potty trained at home, but I still worry about going out with her. She doesn't have practice on a regular toilet and so I wonder how she will do when I start going back to the Y on Monday.

Spring break is almost over. YEAH! We are all still sane! I'm pretty grateful for that. And that Brad is coming home tomorrow night. And I'm grateful for Rachel taking all 3 kids on Wednesday so I could get so much done. Rachel is part angel, I'm sure of it.

Spring break started out with a lovely snow storm. Gotta love MI!

I have pictures of the snow, Jamo's lost tooth, SugarPea and Haley, etc. over on the Cookie blog, so go check it out. Roo picked out SugarPea's clothes for the Haley pictures. OSU orange pants with a pink shirt. That's my boy! He said she'd look cuter in OSU orange than the jeans I had for her.

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Deb's Big Hunk said...

wow, I had no idea your mom has lymphoma. How are the treatments going? Do you know which type? I wish her well.

Trisha said...

So... how long is Brad getting to stay?

Laurie said...

Wow. You have so many followers! Very impressive. I am glad to hear your mom is doing well with treatments!! Congrats on potty training part one. Yea, I think you can keep a dry diaper on all day.

Becky said...

Potty training and teeth are also prime subjects in our house. Isaac is still afraid to sit on the toilet to take care of #2 but will do #1 just fine, standing of course. Ugh. Reed, has two teeth growing in but the old ones have not fallen out. They are his two upper front teeth and so he now looks like he's got buck teeth. It's hilarious looking but they just aren't' coming out! He won't let me yank them so I guess we'll see. I called him Shark tooth today as he showed me his two rows of teeth, yuck!

Jennerator said...

Why did I not know this about your mom???? My sister in law had the same thing in her early twenties. She's doing great!!

Jill said...

How wonderful that Brad is coming for a visit. Have a fabulous time!

kofoeds5 said...

Hey! I am so glad to hear that your moms treatments are going well so far! I have been thinking about her and you all. Cancer is never an easy situation, no matter what "kind" it is. My mom battled multiple myeloma for ten years and wow... we all sure learned a lot about life during that time! If you ever want to talk, please let me know! I can give you my number and email address!
We are losing teeth like crazy over at my house! Seems that between the three kids, someone always has a wiggler!
OH, I would love to look at your precious pictures but I am not on your private blog :o( ha ha!
Anyhow, take care! Enjoy your weekend with your I read on FB!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, you and Jana both make me laugh--I am an assist teacher but no kids, yet. My answer is one on dry all day and a fresh one for bedtime. Goood luck w/potty training! I used to be a toddler teacher. Those days were....interesting. :) JP

coxandroberts said...

My mom is a cancer survivor now for 20 years. Your mom will do great. It is so hard to watch them go throught the chemo and not feeling well. I was pretty young and I don't remember tons. I am just thankful it was caught early and she did so well. I am so glad your mom is doing well with her treatments.

Yay! I am so glad Brad gets to come home. I hope you have a wonderful Easter together. So much to be thankful for.