Thursday, April 30, 2009


My super hero tiara is tarnished. Dang.

Lots more rain today. And apparently the sump pump is not working. Still. The reason I thought it worked last time was because the water seeped, not because the water was pumped. Can I even explain how grateful I am that Brad will be here tomorrow night. WAHOO! We hadn't planned on him coming home until Memorial Day, but since his birthday is this weekend, we thought we'd splurge on gas money. :o)

Oh, and remember the cat with the evil eyes? Well, I saw it again. Under my shed. With 3 kittens. I'm not a cat person, but ooooooooo, I wanted to go hold a kitty!!! So, what would you do about our new pets? Feel free to vote in the poll because I'd love some guidance.

2 chocolate lovers:

Deanne said...

I say put a sign in your yard for free kittens or on cragislist! (once their old enough to leave their mother of course)

Croft Family said...

I'm so glad that you will get to see Brad this weekend. I would just vote for Deanne, once they are old enough put up a sign and get rid of them.