Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feeling fortunate that Brad was able to come home after 55 days of being in Philly. That was way too long. Thankfully, he will be back again for Memorial Day, which is only 41 days. That is a whole 2 weeks earlier!

Since Brad got here after midnight on Friday, we had to pack a lot of fun into Saturday. He made blueberry pancakes for us that morning. Yummy! He cleaned the garage, which while isn't fun, is GREATLY appreciated. We also met our new neighbors. That's right, the house across the street sold. WAHOO! I'm so excited to see that house fixed up and look pretty again.

After all that fun, we went out to lunch at PF Chang's courtesy of our wonderful friends Adam and Natalie. It has been too long since we've been to PF Chang's. We love it!! It was a pretty crazy experience though. SugarPea spilled Brad's full glass of water all over. Lovely. And we took her potty no less than 5 times. I think she only peed 2 of those though. The rest were false alarms. But I've learned that you don't question when a 2 yr old yells "potty."

Besides the yummy leftovers we got to bring home and the 2 desserts we ordered, the fortune cookies we got were really cool too. I think Sugar got this one:

  • You have the ability to touch the lives of many people.

Brad's was:

  • Doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life.

Won't that be lovely! :o)

And this was mine:

  • Happier days are definitely ahead for you.

I get the coolest fortunes. I really do. That is probably why I collect them. And I definitely live a fortunate life.

After PF Chang's, we got to go to Wal-Mart and spend some Easter money we got from Grandma Jessie. We were there for ages because the boys were having a blast picking out their new toys. More Lego sets, of course. They could play Legos for hours. It was a super fun shopping experience, and it was nice to have a super fun one after my crazy ones lately.

SugarPea made it through the day dry! Wahoo! She has been doing great at home, but I was worried about leaving the house with her. She did awesome though. She even made it dry through the night! W.O.W. Yes, I'm still keeping a pull-up on her for awhile. Having said that, I am going to officially declare her potty trained. I think the girl is done! She's totally got the hang of it. In 1 week! What a girl! Yes, I do realize there are accidents in our future, but in general, she has it down.

After our busy day, it was time to color eggs. Oh. boy. Actually, SugarPea did pretty good there too. As good as you can expect a 2 yr old to do. Her hands look like they belong to a Smurf now. haha By the time we got done coloring eggs, and eating dinner, it was time for bed. Sugar had even missed her nap, so she REALLY needed bed.

That meant we did our egg hunt this morning. I would have preferred to do it on Saturday so we could focus on the importance of today, but since Brad just got home, it wasn't really a feasible option. It was hard to let Brad go today, so he stayed a little longer than planned, but you won't hear me complain about that. :o)

15 chocolate lovers:

Katie L said...

Glad you got some time with your hubby!!! P.F. Changs is soooo yummy!

nicole said...

OH wow. Yay! It must have been so nice to be together again after all that time apart. You're a brave woman.
Congrats on the potty training... that's such a relief when they finally get it!

And I like fortunes too, but it seems like the only ones I get lately say, "You love Chinese Food"!! Isn't that funny?! lol!
Happy Easter Melisa!

Rebecca said...

Yea for Melisa! and family!

Desiree said...

YAY for time with DrH! I'm so glad he got to come home.... My DrH is considering an externship this summer so we may lose him for a month. I'm kind of dreading it. We'll see...

Natalie said...

Hooray! First, I'm glad that Brad got to come home (and that you survived 50+ days of not seeing him), second, that you like P.F. Chang's, and third, that little lady is potty trained! I consider myself so fortunate to have you as a friend and a wonderful example of everything I want to be. You rock! Thanks for all of your kindness, generosity, humor, and everything else.

Becky said...

I would be going coo-coo if my husband were gone for so long. You are made of a lot tougher stuff than I am. I bet you could have been one of those pioneer ladies who crossed the plains carrying two kids on her back, milking an ox, pulling a cart once you realized the ox wasn't a girl ox, cooking buffalo for dinner and then fitting its fur into a new skirt...yep, I could see it. I'd snap at the first mention of there being no chocolate or diet coke in the wagon.


Trisha said...

Becky's a funny girl!

So glad you had a great weekend Melisa!

Robyn said...

Keep up the positive attitude. You are my hero! Happy Easter to your sweet family.

kofoeds5 said...

I am so glad that you got some Brad time! Sounds like it was a busy but good weekend!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful weekend! I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy it as a family! Yea for Sugar potty training... mine working on it... ask me in a week! I have my fingers AND toes crossed :)

Jill said...

Happy Easter! Did I read that you had a super fun shopping trip??? WOWSERS!

Desarae said...

yeah! I'm so glad he was able to come home. I think about you often and just think "how does she do it!" three kids and alone. you are strong and amazing. I hope it was a happy easter. Probably not long enough :)
so do you do the signing thing...with your fabulous M&M girly and your name. I have tried to figure it out- but I can be pretty blogging retarded sometimes.

Sarah C said...

I am so glad Brad was able to come home for Easter weekend. It sounds like you had a great time together. Your fortune cookies were awesome.

Robertson's said...

Glad you had a nice Easter! Congrats on seeing the hubby and the potty training!!

Jessi said...

It does sound like you had a jam-packed weekend...glad Brad made it home to spend some much needed time with his family...praying that these next 41 days pass quickly/smoothly.

I find it super interesting that you collect you date them?

Congrats on officially declaring your sweet little one "potty trained" wonderful!