Thursday, March 5, 2009

You picked the wrong day, buddy

Last night I was getting the kids ready for bed and I noticed a huge wart on Roo's foot. It wasn't looking very good and I noticed a small pebble had gotten embedded along the edge. Ouch. I got the rock out, but decided to still take him to the doctor and get it frozen off this morning. So between dropping off Jamo and getting to kettlebell, I managed to get Roo to the doctor. Welcome back, chaos.

Things were pretty mellow after that. The bus called to say they were coming 20 minutes early, which was in 10 minutes. Oy. I tried to get Stinker to take a nap. No dice. I finally gave up at 2 when we went to my neighbor's house to reward Tylerr for flying across the country with 3 Monsters. How? They are friends with Magic Johnson, Tylerr's lifelong hero. They had pictures, articles, books, balls, etc. to share. Tylerr looked like a kid in a candy shop. Stinker looked like a 2 yr old in a new environment, in other words, into everything. Ugh. I managed to keep her busy most of the time, but it was an exhausting hour. 2 yr olds are balls of energy.

The boys came home a little bit later. Resume chaos. Papers by the dozens. I'm trying to read through weeks of papers and convince the boys to get all of their school stuff put away and it is just a mad house. Tylerr offers to buy pizza for dinner. I have the great idea of having a party and eating it in the living room while watching CARS. Considering it was a 7, 5 and 2 yr old eating away from the table, it didn't go too bad, but was a little stressful.

A little down time and then it was homework and baths. I got them going on homework and then had Tylerr supervise while I got Stinker in a bath. Then the boys came upstairs, and I tried to orchestrate getting Stink dressed, the boys bathed and dressed, toys cleaned, etc. At this oh so inconvenient time, a telemarketer decides to call and offer me identity theft protection.

"Is this a monthly fee thing."
"Yes, but we'll send you the information and you can decide in the comfort of your home, blah blah."
"No thanks, I'm not really interested."
"But everyone needs a credit report. When did you last check yours?"
"Sept, so it wasn't that long ago."
"We recommend getting them every 6 months."
"Then I'll go to and get it there."
"It is important to have your credit numbers."
"How about this, I'll pay your $9.99 a month and in exchange, you guys quit charging me out the nose for interest. Is that a deal?"
"Thank you for your...." and then he hung up mid-sentence.

I try to be nice. They are working, just like the rest of us. But give me a BREAK!! From now on I'm not going to say anything but no over and over until they hang up.

As soon as the kids are asleep, I'm going to the store to get cupcakes for Jamo's class and a cake for the family party. Why couldn't their first day back be nice and simple to break me in slowly? They've been back all of 24 hours and I'm already pulling out my hair. Argh.

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ChristyLou said...

It's so hard to be nice to telemarketers, especially when you're busy and they won't give up. I usually just say I'm not interested and hang up before they can get a word in. Is that rude? I figure I'm saving them time.

I'm glad you made it through your first day back. I think it's always harder when you've been away from kids for a have to get your tolerance levels back up. :) Hang in there! How long before your family is reunited?

Alexandra said...

I wish I could come up with fun things to say that quickly! Sounds like those kids broke you in today in no time flat! Hope they don't kill ya!

Trisha said...

I'm usually just as polite... "I'm not interested. Please take me off you list. Thank you!" Click. :)

Sorry it was a crazy day. I need to get me one of those Tylerr guys!

Dion said...

On the recommendation of my preacher, I've began to witness to them. It goes something like this "I'm glad you called. As long as I have you on the phone, can I ask you if you were to die today, do you know where you would spend eternity?" They stammer and tell me no thank you.

Becky said...

Be sure to leave a few strands of that hair. A girl always needs the ability to pony-tail it.

Jilly Bean said...

They're back...with the excitement! Good luck getting back into your groove!

Laura said...

Sounds like a very, very busy household! How do you keep your energy up? Telemarketers are a pain...I just say I'm not interested, thank you for calling. Bye. Click.

Most of the time I can tell it's a telemarketer by the pause after I say hello. I try to hang up before I hear them say anything and then we don't have to talk at all!

Robertson's said...

I like Dion's suggestion - might have to try it out next time!

Rachel said...

Awwww.... I'm sorry girl. Hang in there ;)

Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Okay this is random - but I saw your post on the doctor's wife blog - and I am wondering what this blog is that you speak of? Because if it pertains to your life as a resident or doctor's wife I would be VERY interested in reading! Thanks!