Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday was so beautiful! The kids just HAD to be outside. Being the ever-so-studly mommy that I am, I was able to assemble the boys brand new scooters that my mom got them for Jamo's birthday. So, there are a couple videos of that over on Cookie.

Actually, Cookie has about 6 videos and a slide show. The kids got my camera yesterday and went to town with it. There are some pretty cute videos on there!

There is one of Roo singing "So What" by Pink. It is sooooo funny. But, for those of you who are unwilling to clicky on the linky, I have a couple of pictures for this blog too.

Here is the damage poor Odie sustained after my trip to the store last week. Poor Odie.
The grass is coming in on the side yard. Wahoo!!!

3 chocolate lovers:

Jessi said...

Yay for new grass!

Yay for being able to put the boys' scooters together!

But Boo for drivers who don't pay attention, scratch your vehicle, and then don't bother leaving a note!

Becky said...

Our good weather disappeared yesterday and the blustery kind has blown in. Rain today and snow tonight, but I don't think it's the stick to it kind. Seeing your bright pieces of grass peaking out is a hopeful sight.

nicole said...

Odie... what a funny name for a vehicle! We name ours too. We've had a Betsy, and a Burbage. Glad you guys are enjoying the gorgeous weather! Woo-hoo!