Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need a sweet second home?

My parents own a lot at Bear Lake in Rich County, UT. They've never actually seen it and how they got it is a long story. They will never use it and decided someone should get to enjoy all it has to offer.

It is Lot 20 Sweetwater Golf Course Sub 6. It is a corner lot has a view of the lake and is suitable to build your dream place. Lake? Golf course? Yeah, baby!

She would rather sell to family or a friend since it is a sweet piece of property, but if there isn't any interest, she will go ahead and list it. No pressure involved.

If you want more info, my email is linked on my profile.

5 chocolate lovers:

Victoria :) said...

Sounds fabulous!! Jayson would love to have property by a lake. What's the going price for this little piece of heaven?

nicole said...

Sounds nice... but we're trying to sell our own right now. Ugh. Hope you're doing better than we are in that department. By the way, I nominated you for a lemonade award on my blog. :)

Desarae said...

sounds beautiful! I want it! haha. I actually have some friends who have both sides of family from there... and that is where they want to live. but sadly it will be a few years as they just started law school with us! hopefully it will be gone by then right?

Raina said...

Sound like a nice piece of property! But we have 7 other home and land. Yeah crazy!

Sarah C said...

I love Bear Lake! It is so beautiful.