Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is Dr. Og, your anesthesiologist
Happy Match Day everyone!

No, not that kind, this kind:

Today was that exciting/terrifying day when some soon-to-be doctors get to find out which residency program they will be attending. Wohoo!
If you are married to a med student or resident, a few friends and I started a blog to get together and talk. It might be fun to read if your hubby is thinking about attending med school. It also might be funny to read if your hubby is an attending physician already. You can look back and be glad it is over. :o) So, please come and join us by clicking here. We'd love to hear some new voices. I also added the link to my blog list, so you can always find it there later. Come vent with us, ask questions, or give support. THANKS!

2 chocolate lovers:

Trisha said...

funny stuff!

Jessi said...

Love the cartoon...definitely a different take on "knocking you out".

While we weren't participating in "The Match" personally, it was still an exciting week for us since we found out, as a Residency Program, who would be joining us in June. Exciting (and terrifying) times!