Friday, May 1, 2009

Here kitty kitty!

I'm more of a dog person really. Don't hate me for it, I just wasn't around cats much growing up. In fact, Brad and I have talked about it, and while we are super excited to get a dog someday (think 4 years or more...) we will not be getting a cat. Ever. I have nothing against cats, but my mom is allergic. And I want my mom to ALWAYS feel welcome in our home, so we won't be owning a cat. But that doesn't mean that I can't think that kittens are absolutely adorable!!

Today I grabbed some hot dogs out of our trash (don't judge me) and took the kids (Roo and Sugar - Jamo was at school) out to feed the kittens. It was hard getting them to come out from under the shed. I'm sure you all know that 2 yr olds don't know the meaning of "quiet" and "still" especially when baby animals are involved. And it turns out I was wrong. There are 4 kittens. The one that comes out the most and the furthest is gray. The black one and the gray on top, white on bottom one will follow the gray one, but stay a little behind. But there is also a brown top, white bottom one that rarely comes out and doesn't go far. We named a most of them today.

Jamo named the gray and white one Piplup. (Pokemon. He's a little obsessed.)
Roo named the gray one Brave. (Roo loved to see how far out this one would come.)
Sugar named (via me) the gray and brown one Scaredy. (Because he's a scaredy cat of course.)
I named the mom Smarty Pants. (When I was out there on Saturday night, I had no clue that she had kittens. She hung out in the woods and while I was out there, went under the wheelbarrow, but never made a move under the shed while I was watching her. Smart girl.)

I'm open to suggestions for the black one. Anyone? Along those lines, does anyone here want some super duper cute kittens?

Brad is coming home for his birthday tomorrow. YEAH! We are incredibly excited and can't wait to see him!

And, for the record, you should be grateful that our camera is awful because I took 6 or 7 videos and even more pictures that look too bad (blurry, washed out, grainy, etc) to put up here.


11 chocolate lovers:

Alexandra said...

Oh how cute!!! I love kittens and kitties, but we have enough animals at our house with 1 dog and 1 kitty! Have fun playing with them! Maybe your new home buyers or renters will want some lovely pets! Write it into the contract, hehe!

amberd. said...

Kittens are cute! But cats? Meh. I'm with you. NO cats!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I'm not sure I've shared the story of my neighbor. The one with six cats. The one that started with one cat that camped out in her backyard. And then another one came along. And another. Anyway ... I'm just sayin'. She has a dog, too.

Allison said...

We are definitely more of dog people too, but these little kittens are cute. Who can resist a baby kitten?

And have fun with Brad!!

Trisha said...

Have you tried Craig's list yet?
Have a great weekend Melisa!

Smart Helm said...

U might want to consider getting those things fixed. U already know the Mommy cat is .... viable!

A coworker of mine found a Mommy with 4 kitten in her back yard and when she got the cats fixed (if u talk to the humane society, they neuter/spade for free.. and even have u borrow traps for free!), the baby girl cats (3) were already "woman"! Can u imagine what coulda happened?!?!

Good luck to u! It seems every city has a cat problem.

Deanne said...

Awwww! So cute! I love baby kittens. I would bring my kids out to take a look, but I'm afraid we might end up taking one home...and Justin's allergies would not appreciate that.

How about "Midnight" for the black one...or is that too cliche?

Rebecca said...

Yea for Brad coming home!! Have a fun time.

Becky said...

I like cats but man, do we have allergies! Douglas has to use an inhaler whenever he goes to my aunt's pet infested house. So, we shall always have to admire other people's animals. If I had a "great estate" like Pemberly, I would own a couple of dogs and maybe a fixed cat but they'd definitely be out romping on the estate and not on my furniture.

Jennerator said...

We are not cat-lovers either (even if Dalin wasn't allergic). But one can hardly resist a kitten...even me, too bad they don't make teacup cats....

Jennerator said...

Oh yeah, my parent's neighbor took in (more like just fed) a couple of stray cats, within a year, there were more than 40 running around. My dad didn't have a dog at the time, so he and my brothers just shot them with a paintball gun every chance they got. So unless you want 40 or more strays, call animal control.