Sunday, November 2, 2008

Slackeriest Halloween ever!

I know slackeriest isn't a word. But it fits. I did nothing for Halloween. Didn't buy or carve a single pumpkin. Didn't get out a single item of decoration. Didn't put a moments thought into costumes. I just let the kids go through the dress up box and pick something. Jamo grabbed some stuff he thought Pikachu would wear and took his Pokemon ball. Roo used his Hulk slippers and hands. Stinker put on a Dora backpack and a tutu.

We usually give away a lot of candy we get to the treaters, but by the time we got back, most of the treaters were done. Oops. So we have (had) lots of candy! And I didn't decorate because it would look tacky in the Virtual Tour pictures, which were Friday afternoon. So I didn't see a point. And I didn't have any desire. ;)

Roo had a rough afternoon yesterday and drove me bonkers. I banished him to his room at 6. He got quiet so I checked on him at 7 and he was asleep. Of course, he was up again at 10. Sigh... Stinker just ignores alarm clocks, so there was no sleeping in at our house. But does that mean I can get the kids to church on time? NOOoooOOOoooOOO. Stink jumped in the tub with her dress on because the boys didn't drain it and I forgot to check on it. Then Roo spilled a bowl of cereal. Seriously? Seriously. All before church.

Okay, pictures are on cookie of the "costumes" and such. I also have a slide of sleeping children, the missionaries, and the marble toy we have. My kids LOVE the marble track. They get to be creative and put stuff together and try new things. It is great. The thing I don't like, is marbles are terrifying around kids Stink's age. To deal with this, I ration out marbles. If Stinker is asleep, they each get 5. They can't leave them on the floor or the marbles go in time out for a week. When they are done, they have to hand them back to me so I can count and make sure they are all there. If Stink is awake, they all get 2 each, and I stay in there and do periodic marble checks to make sure we still have them all. You can see this in the video. :) If not being played with, the marbles are locked away. Am I paranoid. Oh yes, yes I am. But choking on a marble is a nightmare to me! It would be worse than a hot dog or grape! Ahhh! It is a wonderful toy though and the kids think it is great.

5 chocolate lovers:

Trisha said...

Love the costumes! Sometimes those are the best ones anyway!

Your friend Erin trick or treated at our house so I got to meet her! How funny that she lives right around the corner!

The house looks great! So clean!

Shana said...

I love your blog page. It makes me hungry for chocolate. Not that I need any right now. I've been stealing Alyssa's candy for two days now. NOT GOOD FOR THE BUTT AND THIGHS! You know what I mean?
I didn't get into the Halloween thing this year that much either. Read my last post and it will make you feel a little less "slackeriesh."
:) Take Care!

Terina said...

Hi, reassurance about the marble thing... there are worse things to swallow. Doctor tells me these are slick and round and they go right down and even do a great job through the intestines. I know, because as a Mom of two boys seven years apart, I didn't ration out marbles and coincidentally, found many in the diapers.

Jayson and Victoria said...

And Jayson thinks I am a paranoid mother! LOL. I am going to make him read this blog so he can see that I am not the only one that is obsessive.

Jayson and Victoria said...

Oops - this is me, Victoria. I just posted under a different email address. Forgot to login again with my yahoo acct.