Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unusual Thanksgiving

Well, if something bad is going to happen, at least the timing was perfect.

On Tuesday, after declaring my hiatus, my internet went down. I'm not really sure what time, as I was reading and totally into The Host. I ended up reading until 4 am that morning. Yes, it sucked me in! At least the kids slept in and I got over 5 hours of sleep. Wednesday the internet still wasn't working. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the useless tech support. They said they couldn't send anyone out until Friday. I guess it didn't bother me that much since I was still completely engrossed in The Host, but it did make things like finding a shuttle for Brad's dad to get here difficult. I didn't realize how much I needed the internet! For looking up phone numbers, addresses, etc, not just blogging. It was made somewhat easier by the internet on my phone. Sure am grateful for that little feature! I got The Host finished and really did end up loving it. I would probably put it after Eclipse and Twilight and before Breaking Dawn and New Moon on my favorites list for Stephenie. I would definitely recommend it for a good read, especially if your internet is down anyway. By that evening, both Brad and his dad had made it here safely. Words can't explain how grateful I was to have Brad home again. He makes me feel whole again.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I was desperately in need of a break from kids. I dreaded being apart from Brad, but knew they needed some daddy time. My friend Jill just got back from Ukraine last week with her two adorable children, Keith and Kristina. With my situation being what it is, I wouldn't have a lot of chances to go visit them before moving further away. So, I got to spend 4 heavenly hours with nothing but my thoughts and music. No kids fighting, no one asking me for this that or the other, no responsibility other than obeying the speed limit, and music that I got to pick. Her children are adorable. Such sweeties. I haven't been to a Sonic since OK, but the one there was closed for Thanksgiving, so Jill and I just went to Burger King for lunch. Then we went to see Twilight together. We'd both seen it already, but we thought it would be fun to see it together. And it was. :) Then we sat around at the theater eating ice cream and chatting for another hour. After that, I had 4 more hours of peace and quiet on the way home. I was definitely grateful for the recharge, but desperately missing Brad too. And maybe the kids a little. :)

Friday Brad woke up bright and early to go a get a few Black Friday deals. Black Friday is sooooo not my thing. I avoid shopping whenever I can. Then he came back and got the kids to go pick out a toy. He really missed them and wanted to do a little spoiling. The internet guy came while Brad was shopping with the kids. The internet guy declared that our modem was dead. Lovely. Brad was still out shopping, so he was able to get one before coming home. I spent Friday reading Stephenie's copy of Midnight Sun. Dang. Dang. Dang. I wish, oh how I wish, that she would finish it. It is my favorite book so far, even more than Eclipse, and it isn't even finished. Oh, the injustice. I'm just such a romantic, and to read page after page of how deeply he loves her just melts me. Sigh. There were so many tied endings in MS. Like what he actually did do to Lonnie. How Ben asked out Angela, and a hundred other little details that I loved reading about. Dang. Dang. Dang. We had our turkey dinner that night, but it was all pretty low-key. Just the basics. I needed a break, not a huge elaborate meal. Brad did most of the hard stuff anyway. He just amazes me. He also worked on fixing the internet. If it had broken when he wasn't here, I could have gone weeks without internet. I'm pretty glad it broke while I was absorbed in a book, and when Brad, the ultimate handy-man, was here to fix it.

Brad just amazes me on a hundred different levels. I'd been asking him for months to read Twilight, but when he is reading, it is usually a medical book and he has little time to read for fun. I kinda dropped it, knowing it wasn't fair to push him when he is already so busy. Then last week he called and asked if he could buy it on CD so he could listen as he drove to work. He said he knew it was important to me, so it was important to him. And he did it without concern to the reaction of other guys. In fact, my dear brother revoked his 'man card'. Goof ball. My happiness is paramount to Brad. Everything he does, he does with me in mind. That makes him my Edward. He also is my own personal heater. He lets me warm my cold hands and feet on his constantly warm body. He is Native American, though he isn't part wolf, and that makes him my Jacob. He is also an incredibly talented and dedicated surgeon, and that makes him my Carlisle. Please forgive my mushy ramblings about Brad. I've been suffering without him for nearly 6 weeks, so I've had Brad on my brain lately. It was bound to leak into my blogging...

Friday night, we put Stink to bed, put a movie on for the boys, and left them with his dad so we could go watch Twilight. It was so much more fun for me knowing that he had read it. And to see him catch the changes and differences and be able to talk to him about them. We even started reading New Moon together. I sure love him.

Today, Brad has let me catch up on days of emails, blogs, facebook posts, etc. Right now, they are all out getting their hair cut. My boys really needed one! Tonight we are watching some football! Go Pokes!

I think that is about it for my days without an internet recap. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I'm so glad you got some rejuvenation time ... it's been well earned! Welcome back.

Victoria :) said...

I am so happy that you and Brad got some time together. And that you had a little girl time as well - sans kids. :) Glad to read your blog - even if you were gushing about Brad! LOL.

Jill said...

Hooray for internet access! Brad is the computer genius. No doubt about it. Thanks for coming down - you're such an incredible friend driving all that way to see me & to watch TWILIGHT! I hope to get together soon! :o)

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

I'm so happy you got to have your hubby home. I think about you often. I've been through a long term moving seperation and it isn't fun. I hope you are getting lots of support.
It's so nice he let you have some alone time while he was there. He is wonderful!

Becky and Chris said...

It's nice to hear that your internet has been revived and it's always nice to have a Carlisle, an Edward, and a Jacob all in one house. I forgot, what kind of surgeon is Brad? Poor Isaac has to get a cyst removed from his eyebrow on the 17th, and I'm such a worrier with kids and anesthesia that it stresses me out already.
Didn't you love the Host?! I loved Ian and the Soul was so lovable. I just loved how the story was told in that perspective. It seems stories are always told by the the victims of a planetary take over, not by the actual body snatcher herself. Very fun.

Trisha said...

looks like someone is glad to have their man back! what a sweet guy.

Elizabeth said...

Revoked his 'man card'-too funny! I had my family over shortly after I read her last book and asked if any of them wanted to borrow it (since everybody in my family reads the series!!!) and my brother raises his hand first and blurts out that he wants to read it before his wife! My others brothers teased him to no end, but alas, he got the book and loved it!