Friday, November 21, 2008

The dilemma

Here is my dilemma. I already bought a ticket for Twilight tomorrow night. I should have put on my calendar that the BYU/UofU game AND the OSU/OU game are on tomorrow night. I'm going to be disowned from both sides of my family! The biggest games of the year and I'm going to miss them both! ARGH!!!! Decisions like these shouldn't have to be made! I've never seen Sophie's Choice and have no clue what it is even about, but let's call this Melisa's Choice. A huge football fan choosing between her favorite teams and one of her favorite books. I can't win, and I can't lose. Well, my teams can lose. And if they do, it might make missing the games easier... WHAT AM I SAYING?!?! Of course I can't want my teams to lose! Do you see what this is doing to me?!

As Matt so wisely said, "May all red teams lose this weekend."



****Update**** Nata-Leigh has informed me that the OSU/OU game is not actually until next week. So, I'm only missing BYU/UofU, which is bad enough, but thankfully I won't be missing both. But I still love watching OU lose, so I'm standing by my original statement of wanting all red reams to lose. And for the record, I am not anti-UofU. I just don't like them when they play the Y. But I am most definitely anti-OU.

6 chocolate lovers:

brad said...

Amen, sweetie. Have fun at the movie! Leave your phone on, and I will text you updates of the game.

Sarah C said...

I would totally go to the movie if I were you. Twilight is awesome.

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

You need to go to the movie! And if Brad does text you BYU updates, please let me know!!

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

Perhaps this will make you feel better ... OSU is off today! Bedlam is next weekend. OU is playing Texas Tech ... big day in our house here! GO RED RAIDERS! So, technically, you're only missing one game.

Croft Family said...

I have heard bad reviews about the movie so I would stay home and cheer for the UTES!!! GO UTES, GO UTES, GO UTES, GO UTES

Rachel said...

Tough choice! I had a similar problem... Michigan State vs. U of M was at the same time as the Trunk or Trick. We went to the trunk of trick... and our beloved Michigan State won! Woohoo! Well, that doesn't help you make the decision... but I say go see the movie and tape the game. Then when you get home you don't have to watch all the stinkin commercials :)