Thursday, November 13, 2008

Laughing my head off!

Okay, this is sooooo funny! It is totally mocking Twilight, but seriously, it is hilarious.

And you have to read the whole script, so go to more on each picture. There are only 10 pictures, so it is worth your time.

Oh, and if you haven't read Twilight, don't go and read this. It is totally spoiler-y. And even though it is dang funny, you probably won't get some of the humor. And also, why haven't you read it yet!?!?!

If you go check it out, leave me a comment and tell me which was your favorite because I'm that curious. My favorite was #2. "your undead badonkadonk" HAHAHA! I'm dying here, people. And no, I don't get out enough. Thanks for asking.

5 chocolate lovers:

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

Those were great! One of my favorites was the last one where Edward was wondering if Bella had an inner ear infection, and maybe that was why she was so clumsy. :)
Only 8 more days till we go see the movie!!

Elizabeth said...

Ha!!! I love the conversations between James & Edward!!! So funny!

Brynn said...

That was so funny! I too am going opening day to see the movie! I hope I'm not totally disappointed.

brad said...

I like your badonkadonk, hehe.

Missy said...

Hahahahahaa! Oh my goodness, that was SO funny!! My faves were the #8 discussion about their sparkles, and ditto Elaine's inner-ear comment. So hilarious!