Saturday, October 4, 2008

PA trip and tripping out with wall paper

Philadelphia was beautiful. So many old and historical buildings! And the leaves on the trip out were amazing. I could have enjoyed the scenery more if I hadn't been listening to Stinker scream for 10 of the 11 hours. Okay, maybe it wasn't THAT bad, but it was really close. She didn't nap the entire drive out there. UGH. Don't believe me? I took a video so you can see what we put up with. It is brutal. It is on the cookie blog if you are looking to be tortured.

I also put up some pictures of the wallpaper we are taking down. The blue wallpaper has tiny little hearts on it. You can't see it from this view. And we can't get it off. It tears like crazy. And I never make my bed. Maybe I'll add it to my New Year's resolutions, but it isn't making the priority list right now.

Brad hates all of the little hearts everywhere. Poor guy.

Here is all of our green grass.
My bracelet that Dana made. It is my reward for losing 50 pounds. Her link is on the side if you want to check out her other stuff.

Stinker's room before we ripped off all of the wallpaper.

It makes my eyes bleed. Okay, that is an exaggeration, but I really hate it. :)

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Becky and Chris said...

Wall paper,ew. I can't wait to see how looks once it's down. We once live somewhere where they didn't bother taking off the old stuff before putting on the new, headache!

Jill said...

Your front yard looks incredible! I'm sad that I won't be able to see the progress that you've made there. You can post more pictures, if you want. (hint hint)

The Melo's said...

If/when you need help just call and I will be more than happy to come and help you rip off wallpaper and paint and whatever else you need!

Victoria :) said...

I don't think I have ever seen so much wallpaper in one house! Was it in every room? Geez!
We have a border that runs around our kitchen that the previus homeowners put up. It is ugly! I don't like one thing about it. But I have procrastinated for over a year now to remove it just because I always here people complain about what a hassle it is to remove wallpaper. Guess I better start mixing the vinegar and water. :)
So glad you like Philadelphia! :)

Laurie said...

It must have been all part of the plan for you to get the house ready like you have when you did b/c the house now has great curb appeal for your sale. It looks wonderful. Now let's hope you can get it sold before the snow begins to fall and cover that pretty grass.

Hope you don't lose your mind!! Hugs.

50 lbs - amazing!!!

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

Do you want to borrow my wallpaper steamer?

Deanne said...

That seems like a throw back to the 80's. Now I can see why you're anxious to get it down and paint. Have fun!

I didn't realize you visited PA. How was your trip?...besides the torturous long drive?

Nate, Des, Sydney, Jack said...

I LOVE your house, the outside is so pretty, Nate said it was in a really good neighborhood...but I'm sorry about the wallpaper. How terrible! Good luck!

Laura said...

Do you have a wallpaper steamer? It kept me sane while taking down a ton of wallpaper in our Tulsa house (and this one too now that I think about it!). It makes a HUGE difference! Good luck whatever route you go. I hope you sell this house quick and find a nice place in Philly.

Jennerator said...

Yeah, that wall paper is horrible, my eyes would be burning!