Wednesday, October 29, 2008

P3: Plea, picture, politics

I am in desperate need of moving boxes. Any boxes. Please, if you have any boxes that would love to see Philly, let me know! I could really really really really use them. If you are wondering why someone who moved so recently doesn't have boxes, I'll explain. When we got here, we thought we had 5 years in this house. We have away all of our boxes to a poor sap who had to move. We thought we would have 4 years to wait until we needed to start collecting boxes again. Instead, our time frame is closer to 4 weeks. Ugh. Now, we are the poor saps who are moving and could really use some boxes. Thanks!

Okay, I'm pretty much going crazy trying to get everything done. But at this point the big projects are done and all that remains is cleaning and redecorating before the realtor takes pictures for the listing on Friday. If I get a copy of the professional pictures, I'll link them or put them up. Until then, here is a picture of the FINALLY finished basement door as seen from the rental.

I'm kicking myself for not taking before pictures. This looks SO much better. There were gaps, and holes, and it was plain drywall, etc. I worked my hiney off on it, and so did a lot of other people. But I got to do the final touches. :)

And just to warn you, if you are voting for Obama, don't read any further.

Brad and I have worked extremely hard to get to where we are, and I would like to not "share (my) wealth" with those who haven't made the sacrifices necessary to have a comfortable life. Having said that, this totally cracked me up. I asked my friend Elizabeth if I could use it. She got it in an email. Enjoy! And if you are an Obama fan, don't blame me. I told you not to read this.

*'Twas the night before elections*
*And all through the town*
*Tempers were flaring*
*Emotions all up and down!*

*I, in my bathrobe*
*With a dog in my lap*
*Had cut off the TV*
*Tired of political crap.*

*When all of a sudden*
*There arose such a noise*
*I peered out of my window*
*And saw Obama and his boys*

*They had come for my wallet*
*They wanted my pay*
*To give it to the others*
*Who had not worked a day!*

*He snatched up my money*
*And quick as a flash*
*Jumped back on his bandwagon*
*With all of my stash*

*He then rallied his henchmen*
*Who were pulling his cart*
*I could tell they were out*
*To tear my country apart!*

*'On Fannie, on Freddie, *
*On Biden and Ayers!*
*On Acorn, On Pelosi'*
*He screamed at the pairs!*

*They took off for his cause*
*And as he flew out of sight*
*I heard him laugh at the nation*
*That wouldn't stand up and fight!*

*So I leave you to think*
*On this one final note-*

9 chocolate lovers:

Becky and Chris said...

That was a funny version and I really wish this Grinch would leave because eventually Christmas is what he will steal.
I can't wait to see the final pictures of your place. So, did the painters ever come? I still have boxes, but everything will be going back in once we move down toward the Provo area. I just learned, a little too late, that Utah has the second highest amount of lawyer per capita in the country. I want Chris to take another bar exam somewhere else.

The Fraker's Acres said...

Go McCain and God Bless America!

Croft Family said...


Oh and your house (door) look great.

Natalie said...

Love the door, love the poem, love everything. Have you asked the plethora of liquor stores for extra boxes? They are sturdy and plentiful. :)

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

I have a few boxes I'll gladly give you. They're taking up too much space in my house!

GooberDiva13 said...

Good luck finding boxes. Be glad you have 4 weeks...we day!!! AAAAHHHH! (Started packing last night)

I love the Poem :)

Robertson's said...

Hillarious poem! I have lots of boxes, but I guess you are a bit to far away to ship them! Chris and I had room in our attic so we saved them in case we moved after med. school!

Jill said...

I've seen some boxes in Ukraine...come visit me and I'll give you some. ;o)

Nice picture - you have worked so hard on your home. Any updates on a new place yet?

Did you vote yet? What state are you registered in?

Laura said...

Great poem. I may have to use that myself. Great job on all the house stuff!! You are lucky to have such great friends who are so willing to help. God bless them!