Thursday, October 16, 2008

Child free zone

I was hoping to have kiddos out of the house if possible so I can get stuff done. Is anyone available to watch them this weekend?

Calet is pretty easy when she has something to do other than follow me around and try to do what I'm doing. In an ideal world, I'd drop her off at 8:30 with a packed lunch, she'll eat around noon, and then sleep about 1 - 4 and I'll come get her when she wakes up. So far she has done good at sleeping in a pack and play. I already have someone watching her on Saturday (THANKS RACHEL!!!), so I would just need someone for Friday. If you are feeling super generous, you could take her a day next week. I don't need her gone as the painting, tiling, and spackling will be done by then (I HOPE I HOPE!), but it would sure make packing and cleaning easier.

As for the boys, Jaden is in school all day, and Daven gets on the bus at noon. So I don't really need help with them, as they can play computer or games without wanting to be involved with my projects. But Saturday I'm hoping to get a lot of projects done and it would be facilitated with them gone. I'm not sure if it would be easier to have 1 boy all day, or 2 boys for part of a day. (all day being 8:30 - 4:30, but if you wanted them longer, I wouldn't say no. ;) ) I could pack lunches for them too.

If you can spare a hubby for an hour or two on Saturday, I have a nice long 'honey do' list that Brad wasn't able to get done before leaving a few days ago. I think the most technical things are installing a bathroom sink, replacing a toilet tank, and putting in a new light fixture on the porch. Most of it just involves the use of our power drill and nail gun.

Or if you are willing to come over and help me clean up at the house, that would be great too! The tiling project generated A LOT of dust. And don't get me started on the mess from the wallpaper glue and spackle. Ugh.

So, if there is a way you can help out with any of these things, it would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

2 chocolate lovers:

brad said...

I would like to watch the kids for you. It kills not being able to be there to help. I cannot wait for you to get out here.

Missy said...

I'm so sorry this weekend bombed for us as far as being a help. Is next week too late for us to lend a hand? Conan is a good fixer-upper and is willing to help if there are still things on your list. I can't paint, but I could watch the little ones or clean... I'll try to catch you at church, but grab me if I don't grab you. I really do want to help!