Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Okay, I am soooo bummed my painter guys didn't show up today. I was really hoping to start putting everything back tomorrow. Argh! At least the Watkins and missionaries came over today and saved my sanity. They fixed my front door, put up the rail, hung pictures, put boxes down in the basement, put in the baseboards, helped clean, raked leaves, and in general made my day much better. Tomorrow I need to paint all of the baseboards that got installed and paint the bathroom cabinets. I don't know if my painters are coming tomorrow as they didn't return any of my calls... I hope they do so I can start putting back furniture and hanging up pictures and such.

Rachel has been watching Stinker a ton the last week or so. She took some super cute pictures of the girls together and I stole them from her site. :) They are up on cookie blog.

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Becky and Chris said...

Wow, those guys were helpful. Are these professional painters? Not so professional after all. Your little lady is adorable especially those blue eyes.