Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy birthday, Roo!

Well, the Urgent Care was kind to him. As kind as shots and stitches can be. He was happy he got a sticker. And he left school early and came home. And because 3 other kids have the same birthday, no one minded waiting to have his cupcakes. In all, the experience wasn't too bad. It has hardly registered with him. He was hanging upside down at the Kids' Gym today. Sheesh. I do have lots of pictures and videos of the celebration. What I don't have is lots of time to upload them. :) I hope to have them up by the weekend. I'll be sure to let ya'll know when they are up. I do have Jamo's school picture up. Did I mention that? I can't remember any more...

Brad left today for Philly. Sigh. I'm on the verge of being overwhelmed, but I'm not. I just really have a peaceful feeling. It is all going to be okay. We knew this was going to be hard. We also knew this would be best in the long run. If we can just get through these next few months, it is going to get better. And I know it sounds strange, but I'm actually grateful that we finally have male renters. We've only had females for over a year. But this month we have 2 guys. And today 2 more asked for housing next month. I feel safe because our door has a lock between their place, plus it nice knowing there are 2 other adults in the house if there is a fire or something. It makes sense in my head.

Thankfully, I am living in the same town as a whole army of angels. I've had people in my house every day helping out. I am completely overwhelmed by all of the love and kindess I've been feeling lately. It is worth the price of the insanity I'm also feeling.

2 chocolate lovers:

Missy said...

You're in our prayers Melisa! You are right, it is only going to get better. We love you guys!

Hi, I'm Robyn! said...

Wow! You are an inspiration. I can't imagine all you are doing, but I'm happy to hear you are being blessed with peace and a good perspective. And aren't angels wonderful? Hang in there,you strong woman!!