Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Help wanted

I have some requests for assistance.

1) I have a beautiful dark blue and dark red betta who will not be making the trip to Philly with us. He was adopted from Holli before she moved, so he has some abandonment issues as I'm giving him away too. He comes with his own tank, greenery and beautiful glass stones. Also included, a mostly full container of food.

2) I'm hoping someone can take my kids while I pack the last couple of days (next week). The boys will be in school on Friday until almost 4, but I'll need someone for Sugar. It would be about noon until 4. She USUALLY sleeps about 2 or 3 hours, but hasn't done so the last 2 days, so no promises. :o) And on the Saturday, I would love to have all 3 kids out of the house. Maybe someone could do the 9-noon shift, someone else the noon to 4 shift? That would be SOOOOO appreciated!

3) Does anyone have a folding table or some way to display clothes for a garage sale? Possible available tomorrow and returned on Saturday afternoon? Please?


6 chocolate lovers:

Trisha said...

I lvoe the countdown counter. I need one of those that counts down to bedtime each day. :)

Becky said...

If you can't get rid of him/her/it you can always do what we did. After feeding ours a dried up olive and a few honey nut cheerios, our beta, Patfish, went to Aquaheaven. It might be considered assisted suicide so if you have issues with that there's always the toilet. "All pipes lead to the ocean," maybe?

Alexandra said...

That's terrible!! I would take him if I had a way to get him from you.....hmmm any ideas?

Jordan and Elaine's Family said...

I am also having a yard sale this weekend, so I can't help with the kids until after Saturday. Please let me know what I can do to help you next week. Good luck!!!

Deanne said...

I can't help on Saturday, but I can probably help out on Friday. That's the 22nd, right? Let me know.

Eran said...

I wish I wasn't so far away... I would certainly help! If there is anything that I can do from here just let me know. I give great moral support :)

P.S. Beta's actually travel well, ours made the trip from Alaska and that is a 4 day drive... just a thought :)