Friday, September 12, 2008

Women, sheesh

Today, I arrived at my cardio class and couldn't see anyone there. Not a soul. I got in, and Pam and another lady were there, but we were the only ones for about 10 minutes. It felt weird. Eventually 4 more people showed up. I kinda like being in a smaller class. Pam worked our hineys (or is it hinies?) off. It was great. Then afterwards, I went and did some elliptical for about 15 minutes.

I came home and after showering, feeding kids, starting laundry, etc, I sat at the computer to email and such. I saw a lady walking by with her kids in a stroller and I felt guilty. That I should be out there taking my kids on a walk. What is it with women? I already worked my butt off this morning, the kids have been out of the house - not just cooped up, so I logically know I shouldn't feel guilty that I'm not going on a walk. So why do I?!?!?!

In case you are wondering, my current theories are 1) residual guilt from years of inactivity and 2) I LOVE going on walks and haven't been making it a priority lately.

What are your theories?

5 chocolate lovers:

Jill said...

Don't make yourself feel guilty for not doing MORE. You're doing JUST fine. Calm down and enjoy the wonderful life that you have. :o)

Becky and Chris said...

I'm always comforted when I find someone who also fails to get out for a walk but I'm different from you because you already worked your "hiney?" off so now I have guilt! It's unavoidable for the person who is always striving to be and do better. We are our own worst enemy and motivators in my opinion.

Natalie said...

My theories are the same as yours. Women are the guiltiest-feeling creatures on the planet, I think. If there is a situation of any sort, some woman will feel guilt because of it! :) I think it's just the nature of the world.

Victoria :) said...

And I thought I just felt guilty all the time because I am a working mom. Guess if I stayed at home I would probably feel guilty too just for different reasons.

Raina said...

I figure if they are just happy playing with toys then I should feel too bad. But going outside these days it is too hot. Hey don't worry about your comments on my blog, they are being moderated so I have to push the button to post them. Sorry I am a little slow. I do read them!