Saturday, September 27, 2008

My 5

List 5 fears, 5 joys, 5 obsessions/collections, 5 surprising facts about you.

1. my kids drowning (can I include being in a flood in my car and trying to get all my kids to the roof on this one?) :)
2. fire
3. spiders
4. losing my pictures, scrapbooks, videos, memories from our past
5. my kids or Brad getting deathly ill and dying before me

1. my hubby
2. my kids
3. sleeping in
4. watching TV or movies (ie Monk, Psych, Law and Order, The Closer, football)
5. yummy food

1. blogging and reading blogs
2. chili peppers
3. Bollywood
4. we have a china cabinet full of stuff we've collected from Europe and that family and friends have brought back from around the world
5. I would be absolutely lost without my PDA. I need a new one soon. Mine is dying.

Surprising facts:
1. I hate scary movies. I can't even watch scary commercials
2. I was born in California
3. I played the flute in middle school
4. I love rafting
5. I'm moving to Philadelphia soon. Brad was just offered an ENT position there on Friday. :)

5 chocolate lovers:

Jennerator said...

I didn't know you were born in CA!! How did I not know that? Ridgecrest??

Janalee and Ryan said...

I was so excited to hear that Brad got the PA spot. I'm so happy that things worked out the way they did! You are a trooper to keep moving, but it will be worth the time that your hubbie will have with you in the future. I wish you the best of luck. It will be fun to see you at all the conferences and do the girl things. Yea!!!

Deanne said...

What? Moving to Philly???? When? Can't wait to hear more!

Robyn said...

Oh my goodness!! I can't believe you are moving! Congrats on the offer. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Deb's Big Hunk said...

How about Joy #6-Brad getting a chance of a lifetime in PA! Wow, congratulations! They are one lucky program to have him. I'm very excited for him. Good luck with the move. It's worth it!