Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here is a picture of the Egyptian god named Bast.
I wonder if he is trying to tell me something.

The same day as I had my 'close encounters of the wasp kind', this adorable little kitten decided to adopt us. We were in the driveway and he (she??) just walked right up to us and started purring and begging for attention. How could you resist this face??? He has no tag, only a flea collar. It is quite apparent that he had a family at one point because he craves attention, unlike the feral kittens under my porch who just wanted to claw my eyes out. He is the most docile and affectionate cat I have ever seen. He did amazing with Sugar and actually seeks out ways to get more human contact. Poor baby.

We fed him and he scarfed it down quickly. As the night progressed, I noticed he wasn't leaving our yard. One time I went to see if he was still around and as I opened the door, I got dive-bombed by a black blur. I thought for sure it was the wasp. Even though I hadn't seen it for a couple of hours and assumed it perished and died (probably in my shoe) due to the extreme temperatures of our non-air conditioned mud room, I figured the intelligent wasp was just laying in wait for me to open the front door and let him out. But no. This time it was a massive cicada. The kitten went and looked at the cicada, lost interest quickly, and then returned to beg for more human contact.

So, finally, when I was going to bed and he was still sitting on our stairs, I let him sleep in the mud room. I'm such a wimp. I put up an add on Craigslist for him and emailed people here in Philly hoping someone would adopt him. I kept him outside during the day. He just slept in this bucket most of the day (he spent all morning playing with the kids so I don't blame him). Finally, in the late afternoon, it looked like rain so I went to check on him. I couldn't find him immediately and then my neighbors called out and asked if he was my kitten. I explained the situation and they agreed to take him. But the kitty FREAKED OUT when their huge black lab came over. Seriously the most mellow dog ever, but the kitty didn't know that and scratched my hand to shreds as I was holding him. Argh. They decided to try it anyway.

As of now, the kitten and dog are giving each other their space. I'm glad it is working out because it is pouring rain today. I hope they decide to keep him! They said we could have visitation rights. :o)

4 chocolate lovers:

Smart Helm said...

Man.. I wish I could have a kitty! Its funny that those who don't want a kitty get surrounded by them and those who do... well.. I could, I'm just not gonna do the deposit :-)

Actually a neighbor cat that's friendly might be just the thing. All the benifits, none of the responsibility. I wish some kind neighbor would take my bird!

Desiree said...

Good that you found him a home. My mom went from zero kitties to THIRTEEN kitties this summer (her "male" - ha! - 3 year old cat suddenly had two litters of kittens one after the other, and 3 kittens "showed up" at her place. Time for a box at Walmart!

nicole said...

Aww, what a sweet kitty. Way to go for saving her and giving her a good home. Affectionate and loving cats are hard to come by!

Anonymous said...

You are so much nicer than I. I used to have two cats...then kids and allergies came. No more cats. Now, after not having animals for almost 5 years, I am so over them. I dread the day we have to get an animal.