Monday, August 10, 2009

Looking for ideas

Okay, before I ask my question, I'll just let you all know that I found mouse droppings on my counter this morning. I will refrain for commenting further on this as I am sure you all know what I am thinking. :o) But I will say that perhaps I should consider inviting Cricket over for dinner or something.

My mom's final chemo treatment is this week. I'm looking for a really "smashing" way to get rid of the chemo-counter bracelets I've been sporting for the last several months. Here are some ideas I've come up with:

  • shoot them into the Schuylkill river like a sling shot (they are elastic)
  • take them off the band and let the kids throw the beads in the river one by one
  • smash them with a hammer (this one sounds particularly fun to me!)

So, what ideas do you have? Just so you know, I'm not really a pyro, so I'm not looking for methods involving fire, okay? I only have a few days to decide, so send me ideas quick! :o)

***UPDATE*** I have been asked to describe what we will be destroying, so here it is:

The beads are mostly plastic, but there are 3 glass beads on each strand. They are mostly clear, but there are tiny square pink beads on it as well. Does that help? Now, have at it! :o)

8 chocolate lovers:

Jennerator said...

Wait, I'm not a chocolate lover....

I say throw the beads in the river, it'll involve the kids and then you won't have a big mess to clean up after you smash them with a hammer.

Katie said...

mmm find a friendly baby to bust them to pieces. my lack of necklaces is proof of this working quite well.

THEN throw the pieces into the river.

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I go for the hammer. Allows for frustration release. As for the mess ... that part will suck. But, I'd do it after the kids go to bed to make it less likely someone gets hurt.

Take the glass ones off and make a pretty necklace with those and a continued sign of support.

des said...

know anyone else going through what you went through? pass them on. I think they are beautiful, hate to see em destroyed?

Anonymous said...


I would not throw them in the river as you might kill or tangle up a few fish/animals..whatever. I like the smashing idea, but I am totally into the mouse hanging because...EWWWW!

Trisha said...

If you use the hammer method just do it on top of a blanket or sheet so you can wrap up the mess.

I really like the necklace idea with the glass beads. Give it to your mom maybe?

Bea said...

I like the necklace idea!

(and sorry I've been MIA... working through acid reflux/dairy sensitivity with S-- be back in blog world tomorrow!)

Jessi said...

I love the necklace idea for the glass beads...and then smashing the other ones.

I'm admitting my ignorance here, but what is the chemo-counter bracelet exactly? The number of treatments? They're kinda pretty for something so ugly to endure.