Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8 things

Well, I got tagged by my sweet friend, Dion, and since my old 8 things is pretty outdated, I thought it was time I did a new one!

8 TV shows I love to watch: (this was easier back when I had TV reception. I miss TV. This is what I've rented from Blockbuster lately or have in my queue, not necessarily my favorite shows.)

  1. Monk
  2. Psych
  3. The Closer
  4. Alias (finally just finished the series. how long ago did it end??)
  5. House
  6. Pushing Daisies
  7. NCIS
  8. Bones
8 things I did yesterday:
  1. Blogged
  2. Played with a kitten
  3. Battled a wasp
  4. Weeded my little garden
  5. Made crock pot pork
  6. Talked to Sarah about the inspection
  7. Looked on line for free printable piano music
  8. Melted without AC

8 things I'm looking forward to:

  1. My parents visiting next month
  2. Exploring the East Coast
  3. School starting
  4. Getting back to the gym (RACQUETBALL AND YOGA ARE CALLING TO ME!!!)
  5. Fall and football
  6. Moonlighting
  7. Finally getting to watch last seasons Monk that just went to DVD
  8. Having room to breathe in a comfortable home

8 things on my wish lists:

  1. TV reception, cable and a DVR preferably
  2. A camera with a lens that actually opens so all my pictures don't have fuzzy corners
  3. Air conditioning
  4. A new car for Brad
  5. New boots for me
  6. The Signing Time box set for the second series (these totally rock)
  7. Eyelash extensions
  8. Um, a new place to live! LOL! Come on, you knew that was coming! :o)

8 chocolate lovers:

Dion said...

Yea! There's you 8.

joz1234 said...

Your yesterday was much more exciting than mine.

Inspection? Does this mean you are selling a house?

Trisha said...

The eyelash extensions cracked me up!

Becky said...

Are they still making new episodes of Monk? Last I watched the program Monk's doctor (the actor) had died. Plus, we don't have real tv anymore. I can't wait to get back to gym but with my kids home for the summer days I haven't been much. Chris works way down in Provo so my days are long. Excuses, excuses...

Victoria :) said...

I wouldn't have thought to put eye lash extensions on here...but could soo use them as well. *Wink* *wink*

Rachel said...

Oh how I LOVE and MISS yoga! (((Sigh)))

Jennerator said...

Yeah, they are still making MonK. Although this season is the last.

Jessi said...

Thanks for the reminder...Dion also tagged me *months* ago. *wink*

I would also look forward to Fall...if only we had it.

Great lists!