Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chemo counter bracelets

Well, they are all gone! I appreciate all of your ideas and suggestions, but there were some other stipulations to take into account. They had to be gone and out of our lives completely, and they each had to have their own 'fate'. So, this is what I did with the 8 chemo counter bracelets:

#1 - At the Liberty Bell Yes, I know, a rare picture of my kids on here.
It seemed a fitting place to celebrate her liberty from cancer.
#2 - On Bill the horse's carriage#3 - Future temple grounds There is a temple announced for Philadelphia, and this is where it is supposed to be. It was too perfect that a mailbox was right there since my mom is a postal employee. You can see it on the handle of the mailbox.
#4 - Cool FountainOkay, you seriously need to check out Cookie because it has pictures of the boys taking it to the top of the fountain. In their church clothes. :o)
#5 - The Schuylkill River
This one was a bit of a rush job since we were parked illegally. I cut the beads off the elastic and threw them all in at once. It was fun actually. :o)
#6 - Going to New York #7 - Train tracks#8 - Smashed to bits with a hammer
My kids wore swim goggles to protect their eyes, so fear not.

Well, that was really fun! We had a great time! There is a big ol' slide show over on Cookie with a ton more pictures if you want to check it out. We are really grateful my mommy is done with her chemo treatments, and it was therapeutic to get rid of the reminder of each treatment. Here is to many healthy years to come!

10 chocolate lovers:

kofoeds5 said...

I LOVE IT!!! I hope that your mom never has to experience this again! I am happy for you all to be done with chemo. :O)

Jessi said...

What a wonderful idea! How did *you* feel to find a new 'home' for your bracelets, exposing your wrist? Praying for many healthy years ahead for your mom.

Trisha said...

Such a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the treatments! i love it!

Bea said...

I love it!

Robertson's said...

I love what you did - very therapeutic I'm sure.

nicole said...

Fun pictures. I'm so happy for you and your mom. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

I liked your choices...showed a lot of thought. Cheers for a healthy mommy!

Desiree said...

I love your idea, and the photos also! PTL that the chemo treatments are DONE! :-)

And look, you posted a picture of the kiddos and the world is still revolving! ;-)

Victoria :) said...

I am so happy for your mom!! Here is to many more years of healthy, happy living!

Missy said...

What a WONDERFUL way to celebrate! Inspiring and beautiful. Congratulations Melisa's Mom!