Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pretty PA

Okay, I'm not really here, I'm still on vacation. But I'm behind on some posts so I thought I'd just set them to post while I was gone. :o)

Here is a picture of the place I was telling you about with the water going over the road.

Here we have some lovely pictures of Philly. It is beautiful here. Really beautiful. Here are some pictures of a local park that we ate lunch at on Sunday. On the Cookie blog are some pictures of the kids there. Keep in mind, they were taken with my camera phone so most is completely washed out. And there are tons of pictures on there. Sorry.

Also over on Cookie I have pictures of the kids making and eating this:

5 chocolate lovers:

Sarah C said...

I am glad you like PA even though you don't like your home. I hope you are having a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

So, you're not here...but you're here? Got it! ;-D Hope your vacation is fun!!!

Deanne said...

Oh, how cool! Did you then boil the hotdog with the pasta. What a fun idea! I'm definitely trying this!

Jessi said...

Nature is something high on my list of things that I miss about VA.

Not sure what the hotdog/noodle project is exactly, but I LOVE the plate...very nice drawing (you were 10?).

TRAVIS & RESA said...

wow melisa it is beautiful!! I am jealous. Hope you are having fun!! We sure do love and miss you all!!!