Friday, December 5, 2008


Lots of pictures and videos over on cookie. Stinker birthday stuff. Cute picture of Quentin, so delish! Roo's professional birthday pictures. Jamo's school and basketball pictures. Oh, and the videos are of snow, and Jamo playing basketball. I finally got to scan all the pictures, because Brad, being the ever so studly guy he is, was able to fix it when he came home last week. Was it just last week that he was here? Why does it seem like it was forever ago? And, as always, if you need an invite into the cookie (picture) blog, just get me your email.

1 chocolate lovers:

Desarae said...

so 2 things...can I get the cookie blog again?
Second- sorry I didn't talk to you yesterday on the facebook! I didn't know you were talking to me. I'm still figuring that out- I never "chat" as youcan tell. haha. I wasnt ignoring you! just oblivioius. haha
so I was sad- just cause I was so sick, Jack was sick, syd was mischevious everything was going wrong. had mutual, no husband (you can relate), dinner to a family, shopping (had to get stuff for mutual...) ETC I know you understand. IT wouldn't had been so bad if I wasn't sick and could just get things going smoothly. so yeah...that's all. one of THOSE days.