Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coolest clock on the block

Apparently my laptop hates Blogger. Or Blogger hates my laptop. I can't get any sites to pull up on it now. And I've been trying to load this video since yesterday. Argh! Glad I have a desktop too!

You want my clock, admit it. Actually, it is Brad's clock. My mom gave it to him as a graduation present from medical school. It is the easiest way to get in the Christmas spirit. There are 12 regular songs, but there are also 3 Christmas songs.

Here is a picture of another decoration I forgot to mention, my snowmen. I made them years ago... I think before Jamo was born. And they aren't heavily damaged yet. Remarkable...

And if you love Twilight and Facebook, this is pretty funny:

1 chocolate lovers:

brad said...

I love my clock. Thanks to the Jones' for getting it for me.