Monday, December 8, 2008

I decorated finally!

Today I woke up late. Not that it mattered because as I opened the garage door, it wouldn't budge. Ugh. Seriously?! Seriously. Can't get the van out if the door doesn't open! I called the school and told them Jamo was going to be late. Called Carrie to see if she could take him. Tried to chip off the ice with a shovel. Jenny drove by and tried to help me lift if manually. Nothing. Later I noticed the cable was snapped, so I called a repair guy. He got here at 5. Said the spring was broken too. (It is obviously broken, I just didn't know what I was looking for. He isn't trying to screw us). But since I told him it was the cable, he didn't bring a spring. Can't come back out until tomorrow afternoon. Yeesh. But he did work on it for awhile and got it fixed to the point that it opened manually and I got the van out. So, I'll be digging the van out of a pile of snow tomorrow morning. Ugh. That is why I love my garage! At least he got the van out. Not that we can afford another ridiculous repair after the main line clog. Sheesh. Why, oh why, do these things happen to me?!

And in Christmas news, I finally got the sparse decorations up. We aren't doing much as far as decorations go this year. I tried to do it yesterday, but made a huge mistake. Asked the boys to come to the basement and help me bring up the boxes. And they found all of the toys I planned to get rid of. Yipes. Much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth commenced. How dare I give away all of their favorite toys?! Needless to say, no decorating got done yesterday. But tonight, we got the tree decorated. I hung up the advent calendar, garland and wreath, and even managed to hang some lights out doors while it snowed and then rained(?!?!) on me. We are talking the barest of bare decorations, people. And if anyone has suggestions on where to hang the stockings, I'm open to ideas. I thought about maybe down in the rental since there is a fireplace there. But then we wouldn't them much. But maybe that is a good thing. Thoughts?

Oh, and here is a story I forgot to blog about. Someone stole our 'for sale' sign. I thought maybe it fell and got buried under snow, but no, it was taken. Yesterday someone left the box that holds fliers under one of the trees. And then this evening, they left the main sign, without the writing part, just the metal, in the dead end street. What in the world? It makes no sense to take it and even less sense to bring it back piece by piece. Hopefully they will bring the topper back tomorrow as that is the part Marilyn missed the most.

Last thing, pictures on cookie blog! No more of my Q baby, but some cute ones of Stinkerbell as Tinkerbell, the boys sporting jerseys with matching numbers, and the Christmas decorations. The funny thing about the jerseys are that the one Roo is wearing is Brad's from eons ago and Jamo is wearing his from this basketball season.

6 chocolate lovers:

Rachel said...

That really is odd for someone to "Indian Take" (not to be confused with Indian Give as they are obviously VERY different) :)

We gotta schedule a play date! Be sure to check your email ;)

Jill said...

Hooray for Christmas decorations! We hung our stockings above the piano on the stairwell. When will we see pictures of the "sparse" decorations?

Nata-Leigh (Lubbock's Mom) said...

I thought the decorations were great ... well done!

Becky and Chris said...

That is absolute craziness! It sounds like you've got a garage breaking, sign stealing, old toy exposing brownie running around. You should also watch out for dryads and nymphs who collect springs.

Trisha said...

Hayes overhead me telling my sister in law that she needed to take the baby toys next time she was over, the dino drop in particular. He got really upset. He never plays with it. Hpwever, it has been gone for several days now and he hasn't noticed yet!

Laura said...

That is too weird about the for sale sign! My parents and sisters garage doors broke in the last month too! Ours has been broke for a long time and we refuse to get it fixed :) Your decorations sound nice and I give you bonus points for putting up the lights outside in the bad weather. Hope the rest of your week is a lot better!