Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas Miracle!

It really must be. Brad's plane didn't get in until a little after 1 on Christmas day. I told the boys we weren't going to be opening any presents until daddy got home. We did open stockings though. I'm not even kidding, they didn't complain AT ALL. It must have been a miracle! They just totally accepted the fact that we weren't doing Christmas without daddy.

It was wonderful having Brad home. Poor guy got put to work though. My laptop died the afternoon he got home and took up most of his weekend. We did manage some fun though. We watched, "One Night with the King" (LOVED it, thanks Becky!) and "Hancock" which we both enjoyed, even if we didn't love it.

And though I wouldn't put it in the fun category, we finally got family pictures done! Wahoo! Yes, I'm sending out Valentine's card this year instead of Christmas cards. But yes, the Valentine's cards will be on Christmas paper since I bought it at a discount last year and don't intend to move it to Philly. Just get it out of your system now. I'll help. "Valentine's cards? On Christmas paper? In February? What is WRONG with that woman?!"

The family pictures were a bit of a disaster. Stinkidy-stink has rarely been in such stinky form. We got a total of 1 picture of her smiling. The rest she was screaming, whining, and generally being a menace. Argh. Not a bruise, scrape or cut on her beautiful face, but would she smile? Oh no. I guess it is a good thing though as I no longer had discounts or coupons to buy pictures and wouldn't have been able to afford any cute pictures of her anyway.

We took Brad to the airport this afternoon. Dang. That is always so hard. He has a whole week of vacation in February coming up. We couldn't really plan his vacation on our moving date, as we have no moving date yet, and pretty much every other week was taken by senior residents. But February is good. It means we won't have to wait too terribly long. And he'll get to be here for Valentine's day. Can't even remember the last time he wasn't working on Valentine's day...

So, the laptop is still getting a lobotomy. My heart quickens at the thought of being without a laptop. We've already completely restored the hard drive and I'm doing the second hard drive scan as the first one didn't fix the problem. I'm very hopeful this one will, or I am in big trouble. Big trouble. Big Trouble. BIG Trouble. BIG TROUBLE! I need it to work. Already it has thrown the missionary calendars and potentially any YW stuff into complete disarray. Don't get me started on the ramifications for My Money, syncing my PDA, my calendar, etc. Breathe deep, Melisa. Breathe.

There is our latest and great from a fabulous Christmas weekend that went WAY too fast. :)

3 chocolate lovers:

The Fraker's Acres said...

I am SO glad Brad was home to spend time with all of you!! I hope his visit recharged everyone until Feb.
Calet's pictures on the Cookie Blog are WAY cute. Perhaps you could photoshop one of her smilie, cheeky faces into your family picture?! O.k. maybe not, just send two pictures? O.k. maybe not. We love Calet no matter what mood she's in!:)
The Valentine Christmas card idea ROCKS, by the way!! Too funny!

Jill said...

How wonderful - your kids are AWESOME to be so patient! I'm sorry about Stinkerbell not being cooperative about the pictures. :o(

Sarah C said...

I am glad Brad was able to be home for Christmas. I am sure your pictures look great. Kids will be kids. It is hard to make the pose for the camera. Everyone understands that. Happy New Year!