Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Roo's birthday

Many moons ago I did this for Jamo and SugarPea. Roo's time has now come. Here it is:

1. What's his birth order?
My second.

2. How old were you?
I had him just before my 27th birthday

3. What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant?
Complete and utter shock. I was getting ready for church one morning and couldn't remember the last time I had a period. We looked at a calendar and it had been 6 weeks. I'm never that late. Ever. I had to wait until the next day to buy a pregnancy test since it was Sunday. It was a LOOOOONG day. Sure enough, the test came back positive. We found out close to Valentine's Day, which was 2 weeks before Jamo's first birthday. They are 19 months apart.

4. How did you find out you were pregnant?
Objection, your honor. Asked and answered.

5. Who did you tell first?
When I went to church I went to Marla and said, "Help!" LOL! After taking the test and confirming it, I can't remember.

6. Did you want to find out the sex?
Yup. It was so hard for me to wait with Jamo, and I didn't think I could do it again.

7. What was your due date?
Well, because we weren't really trying, I wasn't exactly keeping track. I thought, from our best guess, that the due date would be 10/11. But then I had an ultrasound that said 10/4, so we went with that. But then I had to switch offices and somehow, the LMP of 1/4 looked like a 1/9 and they said my official due date was 10/16 and they refused to change it back. It was all really annoying.

8. Did you deliver early or late?
That was my big beef with them changing my due date. My mom bought a ticket to come out on the 11th, which was my original due date. But my doctor refused to induce me because he didn't think my due date was until the 16th. Twit.

9. Did you have morning sickness?
I puked for all 9 months with all 3 of my kids. (((Shudder)))

10. What did you crave?
I totally go nuts for pickles when I'm pregnant. I think I craved nachos with jalapenos a lot too...

11. Who irritated you the most?
My doctor who wouldn't listen to me when I said there was a problem with the due date.

12. What was your child's sex?
A boy

13. How many pounds did you gain throughout your pregnancy?

14. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
Yup. I had elevated AFP levels. We didn't know if it was because there was something wrong or because I had the wrong LMP date. That's why they did the ultrasound and switched me to a high risk pregnancy doctor. They had me all freaked out about hurrying up and getting tested, so I stayed a day longer while Brad and his dad and Jamo all went to Seattle. The next day they met me in Portland. How sweet of them.

15. Where did you give birth?
in Tulsa

16. How many hours were you in labor?

17. Who drove you to the hospital?
my mom

18. Who was in the delivery room?
Brad and my mom

19. natural or c-section?

20. Did you take medicine to ease the pain?
Yup. Short story long, my mom was there and could only stay a few more days, and my doctor was refusing to induce me until the 16th. But I was really past due and pretty annoyed. We went to church, came home and ate dinner, and then my water broke. Now they'd have to take me. :o) So my mom and I went to the hospital while Brad stayed at the house and hung out with his brother. I walked in the hospital door and said, "I want an epidural" because I had learned from previous experience that I wanted drugs. But, for whatever reason, it still took them forever to get it done. And then they didn't tell me that I had to push the button to dispense the medication, so I was still hurting. But I was not hurting as much as the lady in the room across from me who was screaming bloody murder. Oh, and then my doctor was a ridiculous resident. She was rude and scatterbrained and I really didn't like her. At all. Nothing against residents, I am married to one, but this resident was an idiot. We paged her when it was time for me to push. And then we waited. And waited. And she never came. I'm a fast pusher and had Roo out in about 10 minutes, so the senior resident delivered Roo. She showed up just in time to sew up my tear (he came out with his fist squishing his nose.). My mom stayed an extra day, but had to leave the day I got out of the hospital.

21. How much did your child weigh?
8 lb 5 oz

22. What did you name him/her?
Roo Mons. We looked forever in the baby name book and couldn't find anything we really liked. We kept coming back to his name, but decided to changed the spelling so it would fit a pattern of an A and an E in the same place.

23. How old is your child today?

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