Monday, October 12, 2009

Forgetful Jones

Any of you remember him?
No? Refresh your memory with some good ol' Sesame Street singing Oklahoma for all my Okies out there!

Jones is still my middle name, perhaps I should add Forgetful to it as well. Here's the story:

Since our schools take off for Yom Kippur, we had school today. Someone, who shall remain nameless, texted me this morning to say that he left his hospital badge at home and he needed it by 4 pm. (How did you figure out who??) I planned in my head that if I got my errands done, I could get to the hospital and home before the boys got home from school.

I dashed over to the store to get cupcakes and cake mix for Roo's birthday. Then it was over to Staples because Jamo was in need of glue sticks. While there I met a lady with a 2 yr old girl, a 7 yr old boy and a 10 yr old girl. Our boys are in the same grade at the same school. Her husband is from France and owns a restaurant called Hummus. We chatted a long time. I think I'm in love. LOL! Then I dashed over to the library because they charge a lot if you return movies late. Finally, I was able to head out to the hospital.

Which leads me to Philly traffic. Ugh. Here is the problem: The right lane is bad because of all of the buses stopping frequently. The left lane is bad because of all the people trying to turn left without a turning lane or turn signal. In other words, there is no good way to drive in Philly. I eventually made it to the hospital and met up with Brad. Then it was time to head back to my side of town with a now sleeping SugarPea.

While on my way to pick up Brad's dry cleaning, I got a call from my Visiting Teaching companion. I had totally missed our 1 o'clock appointment. OH MAN! I can't believe I did that! I also forgot to eat lunch. Yeesh. So, by the time I got home to eat lunch it was 3.

Let's hope my memory starts to function again soon.

2 chocolate lovers:

Rebecca said...

I love your classic sesame street videos! It is not the same anymore.

--Leann-- said...

ha ha. forgetful jones! i had um.. forgotten about him! ha!